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    [FS] Medium/Large SPS Birdsnest frags (Green and Purple + Free Red Zoa special)

    Sorry. Most I would be willing to pay is R400. They aren’t rare corals and grow quickly
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    [FS] LPS for sale

    Will send you a pm
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    [FS] LPS for sale

    What colors are they?
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    Ridiculous Coral Prices

    Zoas grow like weeds in my tanks. Once I have set my tanks up and have some Frags I’ll give you some to try.
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    Ridiculous Coral Prices

    Hi MASA members. I have been in this hobby for a few years but unfortunately had to shut my tanks down when I moved last year. I’m busy setting my tanks up again and to be honest I’m so disappointed to see what people are selling Frags for on this forum. There are guys here who offered me the...
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    [FS] Sps frags cape town

    Sorry please remove my dibs. Thanks
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    [FS] Sps frags cape town

    Dibs Acro Frags and Purple Stylophora
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    [wtd] SPS Frags

    Anything because I’m starting a new tank
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    [wtd] SPS Frags

    Hi I’m looking for SPS Frags in JHB.
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    Sanrise LED replacement LED chips

    Hi. I need to replace some LED chips on my Sanrise Unit. Does anyone know where I can get them from?
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    [SOLD] Frags for sale 2

    I’d be interested in a few Frags. Where are you based?
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    [FS] Complete 2m system and Hardware for sale.

    I’d be interested in the full setup. Please could you pm me your details. Thanks
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    [FS] Frags for sale

    Where are you based?
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    [FS] War coral frags

    Dibs. I’m in Edenvale too. Please pm me details and if you have any other Frags available
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    [wtd] Radion XR30 Gen 3 Power Supply x 2

    Hi. I’m looking for two power supplies for the Radion XR 30 Gen 3. If anyone has for sale please let me know or if anyone knows where I can get them.
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    Black Friday Specials

    Are any of the sponsors running Black Friday Specials?
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    T5 LED Hybrid

    Ok great thanks guys. I have never used T5 lighting before so this is all new to me. I see that there are a few different bulb options. What combinations do you reccomend?
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    T5 LED Hybrid

    Ok thanks. Do you mind sharing some pics or info on the setup because I’d like to build one for my tank.
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    T5 LED Hybrid

    Hi. Has anyone built a T5 LED Hybrid and if so what are your thoughts and results? Also where did you buy all of the items and what was the cost?
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