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  1. Dane G

    Black sand

    Gray Coast is pretty course, so traps alot of dirt. i had the CaribSea one in one of my tanks was brilliant shifters didnt have any issue etc
  2. Dane G

    [wtd] Yellow tangs and peppermint shrimp

    you can get them its just super expensive, two shop got a shipment in in CPT and they sold for R 500.00 a piece and were gone pretty quick
  3. Dane G

    [wtd] Bleached Colonies Wanted

    bleached as in still alive or dead ones that are skeletons? also what area are you in?
  4. Dane G


    try Nezaam at Two Oceans +27 78 219 5199
  5. Dane G

    [wtd] Torch corals

    Viking aquatics has some nice ones
  6. Dane G

    [wtd] HYDRA 26 wanted

    I have 3 26 HD and Brackets - R 6500.00 each
  7. Dane G

    [FS] Red death Palys

    Thread closed
  8. Dane G

    [FS] Interstellar Shrooms bounced rare

    2 sold 5 remaining
  9. Dane G

    [FS] Red death Palys

    Red deaths 150 per head Based in Cape Town Will Ship at buys expense
  10. Dane G

    [FS] Interstellar Shrooms bounced rare

    Sorry forgot the pic
  11. Dane G

    [FS] Interstellar Shrooms bounced rare

    Shipping at buyers risk and expense. Shrooms 1300.00 per leaf Super special and they bounced Based in Cape Town
  12. Dane G

    [FS] Frags for sale

    All sympodium sold
  13. Dane G

    [FS] Frags for sale

    1x sympodium sold
  14. Dane G

    [FS] Frags for sale

    Various frags for sale. Green digi R 150.00 each 2 avail Green Pocci R150.00 each 2 avail Pink green birdsnest R150.00 1 avail Blue Green Sympodium R100.00 each 4 avail ( pic is colony frag are 2cm size) Based in plumstead cape town
  15. Dane G

    Please ID

    Elephant ear shroom
  16. Dane G

    Vleis's Solo Pico “Master Creation”. AKA Best Reefer in the world.

    jeeezzz dude thats like slapping a V12 on a scooter, what intensity you running? 000000.00001%
  17. Dane G

    [FS] Various Fish & Coral

    pics of weeping willow please and will you ship?
  18. Dane G

    TOTM Nominations

    I vote for @brentch!
  19. Dane G

    My Dead Plate coral has produced babies

    Leave them, they will detached and settle
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