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  1. Scottjie

    Jebao Doser 3.4

    Thanks guys. I have tried everything and still does not want to connect. Activating my location on my phone did allow me to connect to my router but still it is 5G. I wiil play around with it and not successful I think I will go back to the old doser.
  2. Scottjie

    Jebao Doser 3.4

    Hi all. Need some Advice please. I bought a Jebao WIFI doser 3.4 but struggle to get it connected. Apparently it is not compatible with 5G band. I tried 2.4G band but also does not got is to connect. Is it only me or does anyone else also have the same problem.
  3. Scottjie

    [wtd] Clownfish

    I am in Gauteng. Whatsapp me then I'll send you pics 0828726774
  4. Scottjie

    [wtd] Black and white oscellaris

    Have babies for R250 each.
  5. Scottjie

    [wtd] Clownfish

    Have a picasso pair for you. R1500 for the pair.
  6. Platinum clowns

    Platinum clowns

    Platinum clowns for sale at R700 each. From Springs on the East Rand.
  7. Scottjie

    [FS] Platinum clowns

    Scottjie submitted a new listing: Platinum clowns - Platinum clowns See the full listing...
  8. Platinum Clownfish

    Platinum Clownfish

    Platinum Clownfish available R700 each East Rand Area 0828726774
  9. Scottjie

    [FS] Platinum Clownfish

    Scottjie submitted a new listing: Platinum Clownfish - Platinum Clownfish See the full listing...
  10. Scottjie

    [FS] Tank bred designer clown fish

    Hi. 0828726774.
  11. Scottjie

    My New 275 Litre Marine Tank!!!!!!!

    They are awsome starter fish and look to be very happy in their new home.
  12. Scottjie

    [FS] Picasso and Platinum Clownfish

    Yes we can skip.
  13. Scottjie

    [FS] Picasso and Platinum Clownfish

    Hi Guys i have tank bred clowns if anyone is interested. From Springs, East Rand 0672924920 Platinum clowns R750 ea Picasso clowns R700 ea
  14. Scottjie

    [FS] Platinum clowns

    Hi Guys i have a platinum clown breeding pair if anyone is interested. From Springs, East Rand R1500 0672924920
  15. Scottjie

    [FS] LED

    Aquarium 120w LED for sale for R1000 or to swop for a 4 head doser.
  16. Scottjie

    [FS] Tank bred designer clown fish

    Waiting for shipment on Picassos to arrive this coming week.
  17. Scottjie

    [FS] Tank bred designer clown fish

    No Platinums in stock at the moment
  18. Scottjie

    [wtd] Dosing pump

    Looking to buy or swop for a 4 or more head dosing pump.
  19. Scottjie

    [FS] Livestock & Tank for Sale

    Dibs the vlamingi pending location
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