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    [wtd] 2hp Chiller

    Looking for a 2hp chiller. Preferably in GP.
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    [FS] Price drop - Shutdown Equipment for Sale

    Hi, How long have the Streams been running?
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    [wtd] PAR METER

    Thanks but I came right with a par sensor for my apex.
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    [wtd] PAR METER

    Hi All. I am looking for a PAR meter. Going SPS in a deep tank and a little parenoid about PAR. Apogee/Seneye will do. TIA
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    [FS] Frags (Edenvale)

    Hi, Can I please have two SPS frags in no 8 of your post and 4 of the small SPS in no 7 if you still have available. Thanks
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    [FS] Teco tk2000 chiller

    Hi. How old is the unit?
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