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  1. waynee

    Competition Winners July 2017

    Wow thank you guys and for everyone who liked my coral
  2. waynee

    [FS] Odds and Ends

    What's the size of the Dy max skimmer
  3. waynee

    Comp: Fish Of The Month - July 2017

    My lemon goby in my elegance
  4. waynee

    [SOLD] Various equipment

    What make is the leds and how long have u had them?
  5. waynee

    Comp: Coral Of The Month - July 2017

    Thank you guys and who all liked it
  6. waynee

    Rotifers and copepods

    I'm interested I'm on the south coast
  7. waynee

    Comp: Fish Of The Month - June 2017

    In hiding
  8. waynee

    TMC List for arrival Wednesday

    Pm sent Sheldon
  9. waynee

    [wtd] ecosmart reeflink

    Hi guys anyone selling a second hand ecosmart reeflink so I can use it on my radion xr15, it's more to use for setting in my lights and so on Tx
  10. waynee

    Comp: Coral Of The Month - May 2017

     my elegance coral
  11. waynee

    Comp: Fish Of The Month - May 2017

    lemon goby
  12. waynee

    [SOLD] Tank shutdown Roodepoort

    C10 I don't see no comment of breado dibs on the zt 6600 as I know you told me you will be opening up a different post for equipment? I'm I don't not see right and he did dibs I do apologise
  13. waynee

    [SOLD] Tank shutdown Roodepoort

    Any equipment going to be sold?
  14. waynee

    [SOLD] Intelligent led 108w controller

    What size is the led unit and what size tank will it work on?
  15. waynee

    [FS] WANTED Light kzn

    What light is? Any pics
  16. waynee

    [FS] WANTED Light kzn

    Item name AND Location. WANTED Light kzn Shipping or Collection or Both? Price 1000 Full description. Looking for a lighting unit for a 80cm tank 4x24w or led unit that will work Tx Photos of actual Items for sale.