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    [FS] Hardware clean out.

    Bump tank R3000 and skimmer R1300.
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    [FS] Hardware clean out.

    Hi yes it is still available.
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    [FS] Hardware clean out.

    Him situated in Cape Town
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    [FS] Hardware clean out.

    Hi all I'm selling a few things after I have shut my system down. NW200 reef octopus skimmer still being used and works like a beast, suitable for systems up to 650L looking for R1500. 59w T-5 quad lights with brand new globes R1300. GP02 wave maker R1350 only a few months old.
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    [FS] Brand new tank

    I have to sell we moving overseas so can’t take it with me. Will be cheaper to buy a new tank where we going to.
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    [FS] Brand new tank

    Based in CT, southern suburbs.
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    [FS] Brand new tank

    Selling my new tank I just had built, we moving and can’t take it with us. 12mm fully braced black silicone 1500x600x600. Comes with a metal stand. R3500neg.
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    [FS] Rusty Angelfish cape Town southern suburbs

    Sold off site mods please close.
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    [FS] Rusty Angelfish cape Town southern suburbs

    Item name AND Location. Rusty Angelfish cape Town southern suburbs Name of Fish/Coral Rusty Angelfish How long have you had it? 4 months Is it eating and healthy? Eats like a pig Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Willing to ship Price R350 Info Had her for 4 months but the...
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    [FS] Jebao RW-15 - Sell or swop

    Hi is the wave maker still available?
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    [FS] Montipora rock for sale

    You willing to take R500?
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    [SOLD] Pogonda cup

    Where you based? Interested pending answer.
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    [FS] Reef Octo HOB2000 Skimmer for sale Geroge

    Hi is this a hang reefocto hang on skimmer and is it still available?
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    [FS] 700 Cube for sale CT

    Is this still available?
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    [FS] Various / Kelo LED/ Tank/ Zetlight

    Hi is the tank still available?
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    [SOLD] Full 1.5M tank setup

    Hi is the tank still available? Will take it if it is at R1000
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    [SOLD] Zetlight ZP4000 895 Marine LED, I200 controller and receiver - DBN

    Transfer done please let me know once you got it to arrange delivery
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    [SOLD] Various - Wilgeheuwel

    Martin you willing to ship to me hete in CT?