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    Colored sand as for goldfish setups? I will not trust that sand long term.
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    Let it cycle in a drum.
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    is it coloured? Or naturally blue?
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    [FS] Glass for free

    Waiting for @Synergy to come back to me. If not taken by this weekend, you can have it.
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    Brent's Cube

    That is a lot of water movement creating almost waves. Nice
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    Hi there

    hello and welcome @ge_to_player
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    Where was the rock you are adding? Dry rock, from out of a tank some time ago. Rather cycle that in a tub with just a powerhead and heater.
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    Sale forum

    In order to help protect our members from fraud, sellers need to have been a member for 60 days and have made 25 posts before they can advertise items for sale. Members who "spam" their way to 25 posts in order to circumvent this restriction will have their posts deleted and their accounts...
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    New from Cape Town

    Hello and Welcome @Cameron.Tromp Do your new tank got a sump?
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    Hello and Welcome @Oceans12 DC pumps are more and more becoming the standard nowadays for return and even on skimmers. They use less wattage compared for same flow although they tend struggle a bit with back pressure.
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    RSS New Wave Made a Striking Tetris Shaped Concept Aquarium

    What a waste of nice open space.
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    [FS] Glass for free

  13. RiaanP

    [FS] Glass for free

    OK, GLASS STILL AVAILABLE. biggest pieces are 1.2 by .4m Come and fetch it.
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    Algae scrubber

    Algae will grow wherever it finds suitable. Giving it a better place to grow, can out-compete the algae in your tank for food. That is the basic principle. That means if your display do offer a better space to grow, the scrubber will not really satisfy your expectations. Anyway. back when I...
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    Internet service provider (ISP)

    Telkom, must admit, I'm ok with them. Now on fiber. Couple of years ago on copper, the lines got stolen. Telkom reimbursed me in full for the time I had no service. Without issues. Anything wrong, phone them up and after a long wait holding on, they sorted out the problem there and then. If you...
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    Mussel ID

    Not sure the species, but it is part of the bi-valve family, like a clam. All bi-valves are filter feeders. As long as there is flow around him, he should be OK. Position him against a rock, he might like to be on rock and then he would move over by himself.
  17. RiaanP

    Moving an established reef

    Would almost be the same as moving house, but luckily no travelling time. Need to drain the tank,move the tank out the way, refill and restock. Then a week later, repeat the process again to place the tank where it was originally. Filtration system should be OK, if not using NP-pellets. Just...
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    Constant water level

    ok, you do not want that higher. Higher than that and you can get slow swimming fish like clowns stuck there.
  19. RiaanP

    Constant water level

    Other way around, Your pump is too small for the return pipe thickness. That is why you need to reduce / restrict it or use valves. A 50mm diameter pipe can handle a lot more flow under gravity than what your return pipe can deliver, or your overflow box can handle. No restrictions and you...
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    hi everyone......ANOTHER newbie from Jhb here with every intention to get a marine tank and SOON!lol

    Hello and Welcome @Pelwan786 You see that Search button on top of every page... Abuse it.