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  1. millepora

    Idol Marine New Installation

    ha ha bru with your skills you should be getting the international casinos. :P
  2. millepora

    Idol Marine New Installation

    yaslike bru, when you good, you good….and you are flipping GOOD
  3. millepora

    Bob's Reef 2

    Ya you right, Glynn should be a Zoo Plankton at the least.
  4. millepora

    The Waterboy Away For 3 and a half weeks

    Hey have you left already? I wanted to pick up my machine tomorrow?
  5. millepora

    Who my fish See..

    Nice Les:thumbup:
  6. millepora

    Last shipment pics

    no need to sit as your prices are great
  7. millepora

    Durban LFS's

    “that great to know .... but u've been so scarce lately hence monti's assumption. Ya I know, I was actually been a little sarcastic because of the way “monti” worded it, it sounded like I was in prison in solitary confinement or something LOL "We miss your specials and new products etc etc...
  8. millepora

    Durban LFS's

    "I dont think Andrew/ Eco Exotics really deals with the general population much anymore?" It’s Eco Aquatics (not Exotics) and I deal with the general population just fine thank you.
  9. millepora

    The surfing thread

    Probably cause that IS Rob Machardo
  10. millepora

    The surfing thread

    There you go
  11. millepora

    The surfing thread

    I reckon this thread is useless without pics, so….
  12. millepora

    The surfing thread

    I got the footage on the dvd. Been a Goofy Footer myself I’d love to surf it but a can’t handle that kind of cold water. I’m spoilt up here LOL
  13. millepora

    The surfing thread

    Ya for sure, I usually ride a 6.1 but in the last year I’ve been having more fun on fishes. They’re great in any conditions. I think the bug hit me when I bought 5’5” x 19’1/4” Redux. Have you seen it? There is classic footage of Donkey Bay in Namibia.
  14. millepora

    The surfing thread

    oh by the was it's Cheary, not Cherry;)
  15. millepora

    The surfing thread

    Surf almost every day Les. My fish is by Clayton but I’m getting a new 5.8 next week from ELS.
  16. millepora

    The surfing thread

    At the moment I’m mostly riding my 5.7 Fish. Hey Bruce how do you check farther back in the Bomb’s slideshow archives. Is that page as far as it goes then they start deleting older ones? Was looking for my one.
  17. millepora

    Stuff u2!!

    I'll be flying down to Cape Town for the U2 consert
  18. millepora

    The Picture Tank

    very nicely done so far
  19. millepora

    Water movement for the tank whenthers power failure

    We use them as well. The new Tunze recalculating pumps are just about to hit our shores as well. So now the return pump can run on battery back up as well.