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    PSK 2500 needle wheel Impeller

    Hi Guys Any one know where I can get a replacement needle wheel impeller for a PSK 2500? Thanks
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    Wanted:Kent Marine Magnesium

    Hi Guys Tried Lifestyle Pets and they don't stock Kent anymore! Does anybody know of any pet shop that stock Kent products? Kind Regards
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    [SOLD] [FS]: 2 meter jebo (converted to marine) : JHB lenasia

    Good Morning Michael I have not received your details. Did you send it?
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    new cube 800 x 800 x 550

    Nice one gooi some pics!
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    [SOLD] [FS]: 2 meter jebo (converted to marine) : JHB lenasia

    Happy you can send your details! Thanks
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    [SOLD] [FS]: 2 meter jebo (converted to marine) : JHB lenasia

    Its in full working order right? if so then Ill take it @R1200 + RO @R150
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    [SOLD] [FS]: 2 meter jebo (converted to marine) : JHB lenasia

    Ill take the skimmer @ R1000 ? let me know and Ill courier the items tegether.
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    [SOLD] [FS]: 2 meter jebo (converted to marine) : JHB lenasia

    Ill take the R.O send me banking details please. Ill arrange courriers.
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    [FS]: Complete 4ft Setup for Sale : Durban

    Interested in: Zetlight 600 LED lighting. Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer RO machine
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    [FS]: MP10, ATI Sunpower, Bubble Magus Skimmer: Durban

    Can I offer A R1000 for the skimmer? Do you perhaps have an atu aswell? If so Dibs
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    GoPro camera in Reef Aquarium?

    Hi Sanders I have been using my go pro for underwater footage. You need a specific flat lens "Blur fix adapter" in order to get your footage or photos sharp. The standard lens will blur the image. Here is a link: GoPro® Camera Filters, Dive Trays, and Accessories from Snake River Prototyping...
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    Wanted:Kent Marine Magnesium

    I live in George Where are they situated? Thanks
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    Wanted:Kent Marine Magnesium

    Hey Guys I'm struggling with briopsis and apparently "kent magnesium" have a impurity that work well on briopsis. I have raised my Mag to 1600ppm with Epsom salts with no results. Any sponsors out there that stock this? Thanks
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    [FS]: Vortech MP40 Dry Side: Benoni or Randburg

    Hi thanks Rob it's not gonna be feasible to me. R1000 Dry side R750 Wet side R1400 Controller + Shipping Thats R3150 excl shipping. a bit too much considering the effort involved to get everything together. Good luck with the sale hope you get it sold fast!