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  1. Myck

    Rear glass real estate - Tips and tricks in using this area pls!!!

    There is the alternative option of making a rock-type backing but that would be time, effort and expense... Just a side note, make sure that scaping of yours is secure, the "pride-rock"setup you have looks very unsecure and could fall over causing damage and or death to fish, coral etc. Rather...
  2. Myck

    Searching for ES2800 Skimmer pump

    I Also replaced my ES2400 with a Bubble Magnus, a slight modification to the fittings and its skimming like a beast again. And this was advice from Leslie... Thanks!!! Skimz did send me email to help look for parts, so i will take them up on thier offer and use the ES2400 as a backup when and...
  3. Myck

    [wtd] Someone to build me a custom LED fixture - Gauteng

    I have made a few custom LED fixtures, more of a sideline interest than my full time career. Let me know what you are after and i can see if i can help, PM me.
  4. Myck

    Skimz ES 2800 Spares

    I am looking for old or broken Skimz (Eden) ES2800 pumps to strip. Looking firstly for the Intake cover that hold the impeller in place. If there are spare impellers out there as well. Lastly if anyone has a lid for a Skimz SK201 lid that goes onto to the collector? Thanks.
  5. Myck

    Hi All

    Welcome you will be in good hands here...
  6. Myck

    Deltec Skimmer Pump

    Not sure if you have sorted this out yet, but i used (not the same pump but same spot) a small piece of the rubber tube, fits like a glove...
  7. Myck

    Clownfish breeding setup

    Love the build pHishman... keep us posted on the growth of the fry...
  8. Myck

    [FS] BM Curve 5 : PE

    is this still available?
  9. Myck

    LED light builds....

    Nicely pick up there Irie, had a blond moment... You are right the output stays and the coverage increases. This however comes at a hearing cost, one would have to cool those boards down with a proper Heatsink and a fan or two... There again your biggest cost is the heatsink and fans, they...
  10. Myck

    LED light builds....

    I can get a PCB with 48 LEDs 225mm wide, on a 600mm taken that would equate to 144 LEDs, if we used 3W 30000K that should equate to roughly 4,3 milion K of light. Should be enough to bleach your grandmothers dentures from a few Km away...
  11. Myck

    LED light builds....

    Yeah yeah, that everything other than LED... That list is extensive, Halide, halogen, magnesium, protractors and all other physical Science words we used but had no idea about at school... Now we delve into the same subject, pay money for it and spend hours studying forums for info... Go...
  12. Myck

    [wtd] Biolife PH-301 pump

    We have a Biolife 30/35 filter unit with built in pump. It's a Aqueclear 301 pump, that has move on to the great frag tank in the sky... I have tried Google for a new one and they appear rare. If anyone out there in MASA land has one lying around to sell or even free up space (by this I mean a...
  13. Myck

    LED light builds....

    Having done some homework on this LED topic I can say this. While conventional (cheaper) LEDs don't have the punch, one can get hold of CREE or others to beef up the power,these will have similar effects and specs but next to one another the top end brands clearly show their worth. For now I...
  14. Myck

    Cpt Frag swap and Meet 22 April - Melkbos

    To the guys who cam out, thanks you. RBM (Gary and Andrew) you guys were great, prizes for just about everyone (It felt like a Oprah show, everyone gets a prize) including those who don't own a tank but have enough now salt for when they do start on the hobby. And As I said, I would go a mile...
  15. Myck

    Cpt Frag swap and Meet 22 April - Melkbos

    Take that up with your mailman, we sent you a personal invite...!!! LOL
  16. Myck

    Cpt Frag swap and Meet 22 April - Melkbos

    Where do you fall out with this one?
  17. Myck

    Cpt Frag swap and Meet 22 April - Melkbos

    Correction it's not U2 it's Jy-ook, a Local band from Bothasig doing Afrikaans covers of U2 songs... Same same, just different and within our budget...LOL
  18. Myck

    Frikkie's build thread

    Looking good. Had to LOL at the frame and Bakkie, next time you build a bigger tank you will need to upgrade the bakkie as well...
  19. Myck

    Cpt Frag swap and Meet 22 April - Melkbos

    Correct the idea is a Frag Swap, Sell, Trade and or Giveaway and Cape Town Members getting together for the first time or just to catch up. There is no expectation on anyone to bring anything specific, however if you want something to eat and drink you need to bring it along. The idea is to...
  20. Myck

    Cpt Frag swap and Meet 22 April - Melkbos

    @.... Dang no one to turn to... LOL Plans are still good been a crazy few weeks. We need to organise a few critical things to keep the reefers happy, but yes all is still good for the meet. @459b can we chat outside of this forum in more detail?