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  1. EtienneR

    [wtd] Radion Xr30w Pro Gen 3 or 4

    Great, I'll take the light/bracket. Pending tank sale , we can chat closer to the time. PM me your contact details. Thanks
  2. EtienneR

    [wtd] Radion Xr30w Pro Gen 3 or 4

    Hi, Tank sold then? Would be interested in the light and bracket pending price.
  3. EtienneR

    [wtd] Radion Xr30w Pro Gen 3 or 4

    Looking to add a 2nd Gen 3 to my 90 x 60cm display or replace current with a Gen 4.
  4. EtienneR

    [FS] Red Sea Reefer 425 XL - Cape Town

    Hi, tank still available. Where you situated?
  5. EtienneR

    [wtd] Fish tank cover

    What's difference between polycarbonate and Perspex? The poly more flexible?
  6. EtienneR

    [wtd] Fish tank cover

    I'm looking around as also getting a powerlab tanks. So will let yiu know if find. May be bit pricy though as cnc needed for polycarbonate. The pics a company in US
  7. EtienneR

    [wtd] Fish tank cover

    Polycarbonate & Mesh
  8. EtienneR

    [wtd] Fish tank cover

  9. EtienneR

    [wtd] Fish tank cover

    That a rim flow tank! I'm also looking for this type.
  10. EtienneR

    [wtd] Temperature controller

    Andre @ reef aquatics stocks them
  11. EtienneR

    Faiyaz's 1,2m tank

    Send us a pic of sump setup. That inferno awesome! Where you get the live rock?
  12. EtienneR

    [FS] 17kg's liverock CPT

    What is tank size where you had rock in?
  13. EtienneR

    [FS] Various frags to swap or for sale - cape Town

    Thx, will appreciate if not taken, I wrote me know what package deals available.
  14. EtienneR

    [FS] Various frags to swap or for sale - cape Town

    Howzit CB, Did Toffees take all or anything left?
  15. EtienneR

    [FS] Complete Setup For Sale

    If you do split interested in pricing on equipment and some livestock.
  16. EtienneR

    [SOLD] Jecod Auto Dosing Pump with Dosing Vessels.

    Howzit, how does this dosing unit compare to marine magic?
  17. EtienneR

    [FS] Pimped up Boyu TL-550

    Geez, how long you had those corals for!