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  1. Premium Aquatics

    Fish and Cleaning crew shipment has come in

    Good morning, We got a shipment last night with the following Sand Starfish Nassarius Snails Large Turbo snails Coral Sea Ocellaris Clowns Copperbands Tomini Tang Yellow Tangs 6 - 8cm Lipstick Tang Vlamingi Tang Watchman goby Drop us a Whatsapp or call 083 556 8265 Have a good day and stay...
  2. Premium Aquatics

    COVID-19 got you worried. You can still shop using these methods

    We can courier straight to your door, simply place your order online, WhatsApp or phone us. We offer free sanitizer at the door as well on entrance and exit
  3. Premium Aquatics

    New shipment landed we got a couple Diamondtail Flashers in

    Hello Reefers, We got a really nice shipment of fish and inverts in today. In the shipment were 4 Diamondtail Flasher wrasse. Contact us for more details Powder blue tang sm Yellow doctorfish med Sailfin tang sm Orange spine unicorn med Yellow belly hippo sm Blue eye surgeon...
  4. Premium Aquatics

    Frag Swap hosted by Premium Aquatics this weekend!!

    We look forward to hosting you this weekend. Don't forget the tank is set up and running for you to drop your frags off so they are open on Saturday.
  5. Premium Aquatics

    Looking to buy Coral's but can't get to the store we've got you covered

    Click on the below link and go through to purchase corals online New stock will be added over the next week.
  6. Premium Aquatics

    Daily auctions from Premium Aquatics

    Good morning Everyone, Want to join our auction whatsapp group just click on the below link. Have fun!!
  7. Premium Aquatics

    Happy New Year. We are back to normal trading hours

    Good morning, All the best for 2020 from Premium Aquatics. We have lots of coral ready to go to their new homes for the new year. Have a great day
  8. Premium Aquatics

    Premium Aquatics Coral and Fish

    Hi Everyone, Pop past us this weekend for some really good looking coral!! We also have a Bali fish shipment which arrives tomorrow. We have stocked up for the December period so you won't be disappointing. Live stock or hardware we are the place to visit.
  9. Premium Aquatics

    Frag Swap today at Premium Aquatics

    Good Morning Everyone, See you later please note our address is in Greenstone now. Bring your frags to swap, there will also be corals for sale. Jumping castle for the kids as well as a Dros next door for drinks. See you later!!!
  10. Premium Aquatics

    Re-brand and Black Friday Specials

    Exciting news for all of our reefers... Marine Aquatics has undergone a rebrand and will now be known as Premium Aquatics. Along with this exciting change is a move to bigger and better premises in Edenvale. Our new website is also now live with all of our Black Friday deals. Go check it out...
  11. Premium Aquatics

    Important notice

    We will be open again Saturday for business
  12. Premium Aquatics

    New shipment landed

    Hello Everyone, We got a really nice shipment in today at Marine Aquatics from Kenya.
  13. Premium Aquatics

    UCA (Ultra Coral Australia) Landed yesterday

    Hello everyone, Drop us a whatsapp if you want pictures of the coral we landed yesterday!! 0834439153
  14. Premium Aquatics

    Mauritian Zebra Tang

    We have 1 of these in stock and it has been with us since February this year. If you have been looking for 1 of these then now is your chance.
  15. Premium Aquatics

    Red Sea Skimmers

    Good Morning Everyone, We have 1 of each size coming so we will allow pre-orders on these units. They land January.
  16. Premium Aquatics

    Clown fish in stock

    Hi Guys and Girls, We have the following in stock. Mocha Ocellaris Premium Snowflake Premium Black Snowflake Bullete Holes Gladiators and Premium Gladiators Wyoming Whites Extreme Picasso's Helmet Picasso's
  17. Premium Aquatics

    Magic Carpet Mushroom

    Hi Reefer's We landed a coral of note from the USA here wanted to share a pic of it which I took. Something unique from the USA landed yesterday and it looks amazing!!
  18. Premium Aquatics

    Cade tanks are now in store!

    Come look and feel in store!
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