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    Hi Reefers, hope this finds you all well in this difficult time. Just to let you know we can deliver via courier if you need any TUNZE equipment. Get it now while the prices remain the same, new items may well be more expensive as the Rand/Euro is pretty bad at the moment. Cheers Anita...
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    Hi All Reefers, we are still open via emails for any information regarding TUNZE, unfortunately, we cannot send any goods out with our courier due to the Corona Virus, we shall resume on Friday 17 April, 2020. Stay safe, cheers Anita
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    TUNZE Care Magnets

    TUNZE Care Magnets in stock, buy now. cheers Anita
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    Care Magnet from TUNZE

    All Care Magnets in stock, email me on for a quotation cheers Anita
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    TUNZE Black Friday deals .......

    We will be having a Black Friday deal on TUNZE Pumps and Osmoregulators, 20% discount this space
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    TUNZE Care Magnets

    TUNZE Care Magnets in stock, email me for your orders, cheers Anita
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    TUNZE Protein Skimmer Sale coming soon .......

    Hi All, please note we are having a Protein Skimmer sale with 17.5% discount on the below :- 9001 Comline DOC Skimmer up to 140 litre aquariums 9001.001 Comline DC DOC Skimmer up to 160 litre aquariums 9004 Comline DOC Skimmer up to 250 litre aquariums 9004.001 Comline...
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    TUNZE Osmolators

    3155 Osmolator, for controlling water levels in all aquariums. Sensitive aquarium animals need a constant osmotic pressure within their cells. The Osmolator is very easy to install and provides complete functionality in a single compact unit, and has safety features for complete peace of mind...
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    TUNZE Care Magnets

    Hi All, the TUNZE Care Magnets will be here early next week, please put your order in now, sorry for the delay..... Cheers Anita
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    Morning all, I have the latest TUNZE 6150 Stream 3 in stock with a 5 year guarantee ......... For aquariums up to 3000 litres, 2 500 l/hr to approximately 15 000 l/hr flow rate, comes with its own controller. Go to to view the pump. Contact me on for free...
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    TUNZE Care Bacter

    TUNZE Care Bacter is a bacterial supplement to help keep your aquarium clean and in biological balance. Care Bacter is made up of several strains of non-pathogenic bacteria on a fine gravel substrate powder that work together to help keep your aquarium clean and free of excess waste. Stocks...
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    Tunze way ahead of the rest with Stream 3

    Check out the flow patterns on link below .... 6150 Turbelle Stream 3 Features include :- 5 year guarantee Silent operation Fully controllable Horizontal and vertical flow Flow rate 2500 - 15 000 l/hr Magnetic bearing...
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    TUNZE Second Hand Pumps and controller for sale

    I have two second hand 6105 Turbelle Pumps and 7095 Controller for sale. R6000 for all three, in fantastic condition, see photos attached. Please contact me on for more information. Cheers Anita This is a great buy, make an offer .......
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    TUNZE Care Bacter

    Hi All I have stock of the 220.005 Care Bacter if anyone needs, R419.25 less 10% R377.33 plus door to door courier R148.20. Email me for orders Cheers Anita
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    TUNZE Special Deal - 26-28 February 2018

    We are having an end of Financial Year sale, buy the goods before the VAT increases. Monday 26 February 08h00 to Wednesday 28 February 17h00. Please email me on 6015 Nanostream Pumps R 726.00 Special 20% discount R 580.00...
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    TUNZE Specials ........

    We will be having a special deal on pumps and skimmers between 26-28 February, watch this space, cheers Anita
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    TUNZE Special

    Happy New Year to you all ....... I have a special on the 1073.05 Recirculation Pump Silence Electronic (old stock) Flow rate 1100 to 3000 l/hr Energy consumption 10 - 43 w Pumping head 3.9 m The silence electronic is a safety low voltage, speed-controlled recirculation pump. It can be used...
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    Hi All, the Care Bacter is arriving this week, please email me if you need. R419.25 less 10% plus door to door courier R148.20. Cheers Anita
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    Nano Aquarium for Sale

    Bargain : Aquarium for sale Nano 600 x 600 x 500 Aquarium with sump on aluminium stand and cabinet, R2000.00 Contact Anita 0833651501 Collection from Hillcrest KZN
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    All TUNZE prices have dropped due to the improved Rand/Euro rate, email me for prices, cheers Anita
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