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    As you all aware Covid-19 has put a lot of strain onto small and large businesses alike. We at RBM Aquatics are committed in making sure our stocks are at peak levels during this period, So you the Aquariust can run your tank at optimal performance at all times. Our stocks are starting to...
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    21 Day Lockdown Special

    Due to the 21 Day Lockdown and the Cost of maintaining our Live Stock, We have decided to place all our livestock on Special till 6 PM Thursday.
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    RBM Aquatics Kenya Fish List

    New arrivals
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    Coral shipment landing tomorrow

    With Prices
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    Stock update bank 1

  8. RBM Aquatics

    Australian Corals, Buy any 2 and get 15% discount

    Australian Corals, Buy any 2 and get 15% discount
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    Aquaforest Products and discussions

    So to start this thread off, lets begin with the bacteria Aquaforest have in there range. Bio S Bio S is a start up bacteria generally used for new setups, it will help reduce Ammonia and other toxic organic compounds and will help speed up the nitrifying cycle. It is also recommended after...
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    AquaForest Now in stock

    Hi All, We have received our first shipment of AquaForest products. Please contact 1 of the sales team for more info. Andrew @ 076 384 3550 Paul @ 082 828 4761 Regards RBM Aquatics team
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    RBM Aquatics Fish Stock List

    Stock List as at 3 October 2016
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