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  1. greenie

    Plastic Clamps for Odyssea Fixture

    Good Evening, anybody know where I can buy T5 Clamps for my Odyssea 4xT5 fixture ?
  2. greenie

    Please ID

    Good day, About a year ago I bought a mushroom attached to a rock. On the same rock there was an hitchiker. This hitchiker has now grown to about 14cm in diameter and I attached hereto a photo of it. It will be appreciated if someone can tell me what tipe of mushroom it is.
  3. greenie

    Cowry Snails

    Hi good day. Can someone please tell me whether a Cowry Snail is reefsafe?
  4. greenie

    Automatic turn on battery operated airpump during loadshedding.

    Hi all, With current ongoing loadshedding we experience, I would like to know what type of automatic turn on battery operated airpumps do you use. It is not always possible to be at home to switch on an airpump, therefore any feedback will be appreciated.
  5. greenie

    Secure Open Brain coral in a tank with Angels

    Good Day, in my tank I got a Yellow Tang and Bi Color Angel. I recently bought a Open Brain Coral and want to ensure that the Bi Color Angel does not have access to it. Anybody with a suggestion on how I can do this?
  6. greenie

    LED or T5,what to choose

    Good Day, About 5 years ago I changed from T5 tubes to LED (bought myself a Maxspect R420R LED system). Time has now come for the replacement of the LED's. I did some research and it seems to me that there is a number of people who still believe that fluorescent bulbs do not stand back for...
  7. greenie

    Using of Sure Pure NP Active Beans

    I would like to know what forum member's experience is with these Sure Pure NP Active Beans. My tank is 385 liters and I am not quite sure how much of these to use at a time (using it in a reactor). Any feedback will be appreciated. ( I need to reduce nitrate levels in my system).
  8. greenie

    Frozen Food for Flame Angel

    Good Morning, Can someone please assist. I recently bought a Flame Angel for my 380 liter tank. The fish is active and swim around. Currently I give it Frozen Brine Shrimp and pellets. I just want to know whether there are other types of frozen food I should also consider. Any advice will be...
  9. greenie

    Using Flatworm Exit

    Hi there, Last Thursday I decided to follow the route of making use of Flatworm Exit to get rid of Flatworms in my thank. I added the required dosage to the tank (410 liter system including the sump) and after about 30 minutes I could see Flatworm started to die. Waited another 30 minutes and...
  10. greenie

    [wtd] Adult Six Line Wrasse

    Good Morning. I currently experience problems with Flatworm in my new (one year old) tank. I was able to get hold of a Six Line Wrasse from my lfs but because of its small size, it was killed by my Dottyback. Anyone there who know where I can get hold of an adult Six Line Wrasse, which will...
  11. greenie

    TDS Reading of RO Water

    Hi there, two days ago I bought RO water from a local pet shop and the TDS reading was 4 ppm. Now today I tested it again and the reading is 6 ppm (the water is still in the original water drum). Is it possible for a TDS reading to change in such a short time? (Just for interest sake - I also...
  12. greenie

    Attach Recordea to piece of rock

    Good Day, I saw the other day some amazing Red Recordea, unfortunately not attach to any rock / rubble. Would like to know what would be the success rate if I buy one and put it into the bottom half of a coke bottle (with some pieces of rock) covered with a piece of net. I checked on some other...
  13. greenie

    Keeping a Sea Star

    Hi there, I saw the other day a shop that sell different kinds of Sea Star / Star Fish. Was wondering how many people keep them in there tanks and how do you feed them?
  14. greenie

    Emerald Crab

    Hi, I would like to hear members opinion on Emerald Crab. Are they reef safe? (I googled and found different opinion on this matter). It seems they can be an excellent addition to the clean up crew.
  15. greenie

    Sand Waterfall

    Hi, Is there anyone who has knowledge of a Sand Waterfall in his / her tank? Feedback will be grate.
  16. greenie

    Possible upgrade, what about the skimmer?

    Hi all, Currently I got a 150 liter tank supported by a Reeftek TS1 skimmer. I am considering upgrade to a 390 liter tank (square). The question coming up now is, will it really be necessary for me to upgrade my skimmer as well (e.g. to a Reeftek TS2)? I do not plan to increase my life stock /...
  17. greenie

    Which type of fish to add

    Hi there. Currently I got the following in my 150 liter tank: 1 Copperband (my favorite!) 1 Bi-color Angel 1 Anthea 1 Firefish (like to hide between the rock) 2 Pajama Cardinal I used to have 7 fish in my tank but recently lost a 6 Line Wrasse. I would like to add something new and was...
  18. greenie

    [wtd] Reeftek TS1 Skimmer Pump

    Good Morning. My pump burnt out. If anyone know where I can get a good quality pump for a Reeftek TS1 Skimmer please let me know. Thanks.
  19. greenie

    Placement of AC / DC Air Pump airstone

    If anyone can assist. I bought an AC/DC Air Pump to assist during load shedding / power cuts. Is there a specific place where I need to place the air stone in the tank? Currently it's placed in the one corner of the tank. Will that be ok?
  20. greenie

    True Sine Wave versus Modified Sine Wave

    Not sure whether this is the correct forum to use - I have seen that members say return pumps will only work when you use a true sine wave inverter. is that also the case with LED lights?
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