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    [FS] Coral to swop

    Looks very nice!!! How big is it? Where are you situated?
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    [wtd] Dwarf Lionfish and cleaner shrimp

    I will arrange and pay shipping. In Nelspruit
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    Aquaforest components 123

    Thanks for the offer bud.That is really very nice.I am in Nelspruit. So it is a bit of an issue..... I can arrange a courier to collect etc.
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    [FS] Frags for sale

    Ok,thanks bud.
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    [FS] Frags for sale

    What is left? Willing to ship?
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    Aquaforest components 123

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    Aquaforest components 123

    I know there is a stock issue. Any of the sponsors on here that has some in stock? Or even the ingredients to mix my own? Pls help!!!
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    Advice needed on Aquaria AMW 102-what would you do?

    It was running very well.Looked stunning but I sold the complete tank to a fellow reefer.
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    The Tunze Skimmer Clan

    I see this clan is very quiet. I got my first Tunze skimmer. A used 9415
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    [FS] Bubble Magus Curve 7 skimmer

    Selling my Curve 7. Around a year old. R 1600 I bought it new.Great condition. Very nice skimmer. I still have the original box. In Nelspruit but willing to ship at buyers expense and risk.
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    [wtd] Mandarins

    Hi Guys Tank is full of pods etc. Would like to get a pair. But one could work as well. From Nelspruit
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    Leslie's 2ft Zoa Nano

    I see him on Facebook but think he has quit the hobby and Masa....
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    Zetlight LED club

    Looks pretty nice!! I liked the 6600.
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    [FS] Rock with 7 different zoas and gsp

    Off topic ( kind of ) I would love some Zoa Frags!!!
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    [wtd] MP40QD for around R 4000

    looks like I will have to add another,do you have one?
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