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  1. Midasblenny


    Far from urgent help
  2. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Cheato - Fourways

    Also have loads I'm in Weltevreden Park
  3. Midasblenny

    Euphyllia garden looking oh so amazing.

    Price on the yellow hammer if its branching?
  4. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Macroalgaes

    Thank you very much
  5. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Macroalgaes

    thanks Hails any you would be keen to donate?
  6. Midasblenny

    Urgent help needed Electrical short

    I wouldn't risk it Throw it out Its only 100litres, less than the price of one coral
  7. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Inverter

    Preferably less than 5k. 500- max 1000w
  8. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Inverter

    Hi all im looking for an inexpensive inverter to run just 2 return pumps any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  9. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Macroalgaes

    Hi all, i am looking for macroalgaes to start a refugium. Not caulerpa TIA
  10. Midasblenny

    [FS] Aqua Medic 6 x 39 Watt T5 unit for sale

    How old are the bulbs?
  11. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Branching Euphylia frags or colonies

    Cool Can you pm me your no. please?
  12. Midasblenny

    [wtd] Branching Euphylia frags or colonies

    Hi Guys, i am looking for a variety of Euphylia species, branching only, frags or colonies Thanks
  13. Midasblenny

    [FS] Frogspawn to swop

    What do want in Rands for it?
  14. Midasblenny

    Egg crate

    Thanks guys
  15. Midasblenny

    Egg crate

    Where is egg crate (light diffusers) available in Gauteng?
  16. Midasblenny

    [FS] Reef Octopus XP 2000 skimmer cup wanted

    Hi guys, I am looking for a skimmer cup for the above skimmer, mine is cracked Thanks
  17. Midasblenny

    Breeding information about Banggai Cardinals

    my thoughts as well, any answers even though it is years ago :-)
  18. Midasblenny

    Breeding marine fish legal

    Fish fantasy has had success breeding dottybacks as well
  19. Midasblenny

    Mysis/d starter culture

    Thanks for the reply Riaan Derrick doesn't have mysis Any other suggestions?
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