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    New to Marine

    Welcome @Acs
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    New to saltwater

    Welcome @San
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    Denver's 800L acrylic Peninsula

    That is quite the list of hardware. And the build already looks amazing!
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    Pendant-style lighting opinions

    Hi guys, I am looking at buying, or maybe building my own, prendant-style lights for my tank. Some options I have considered: Orphek Kaspian Kessils "Black Box" options Any of you have experience with the above over a mixed reef? What works, what does not? Any other opinions you may have...
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    Welcome @Jacquesvj
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    SFlow's Twin towers

    And finally a FTS:
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    SFlow's Twin towers

    Here are some more:
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    SFlow's Twin towers

    I took a bunch of photos of the tank so here is a whole bunch. Mostly just random shots of the tank. Be prepared the Goldrim likes to photobomb.
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    SFlow's Twin towers

    It has been a while since the last update. Nothing much has changed. The tank is just continuing along. The only thing that is new is the two little guys in QT. I happened upon a pair of Twinspot Gobies. And yes I know they are notorious for being very difficult to keep in captivity. So far they...
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    Lionfish with fungal infection - help please

    No, the lion is floating in a container in a heated tank. So no way for it to have touched the heater. The spot was present from the moment I received it so it is possible that it was injured by a heater before I received it. I agree, it does look like an injury. Yes, so far it is only eating...
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    Lionfish with fungal infection - help please

    Hello guys, I have a lionfish with a fungal infection. I got the lionfish a week ago. When I received it I noticed that it had the white fuzz on the left side. It has been isolated in QT for the last week and I have been treating it with KanaPlex for the last 4 day. The infection seems to be...
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    [FS] Tank Shutdown - Red Sea Reefer Nano and Various Equipment

    @Tomo3000 For now I am retracting my dibs. If it is still available later, I will contact you again.
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    Welcome @donna313 . This forum has lots to offer in terms of knowledge.
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    [FS] Tank Shutdown - Red Sea Reefer Nano and Various Equipment

    Dibs the calcium reactor + goodies, pending questions. Can you attach pictures of the unit please.
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    Tank still happy

    The tank looks amazing. I love all the nennies
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    Diy dosing

    A few useful links: A nice calculator A reference for DIY chemical mixing/dosing
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    Hi all thanks for the welcome.

    Welcome @Wild123
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    HI Everyone ......

    Welcome @Kezia@GSO
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    New guy from Durban

    Welcome @krishgovender
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    Welcome @Ernest123