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  1. Quintonv


    Do you perhaps have a full tank shot that includes a pic of the equipment?
  2. Quintonv

    Orphek Atlantik V4 Unboxing and Review (Genuine)

    Jislaaik Bud, tank looking awesome! :m12:
  3. Quintonv

    Joe's 60 cube

    Howzit bud, just read your thread. think this is going to be an awesome system once it starts up! I would add a piece of hake or shrimp to the tank for a few days and see if that makes a change
  4. Quintonv

    Pure Ammonia

    add a whole piece of shrimp for a week. feeding flakes does not increase the ammonia that much
  5. Quintonv

    [FS] Tank Shutdown - Red Sea Reefer Nano and Various Equipment

    If @JayM does not take the dosing containers i sure will!
  6. Quintonv

    Nano V3.0

    Amen op daai een! @JpPaulKruger is the main reason i have a love for BTAs my first rose came from him!
  7. Quintonv

    Nano V3.0

    Rereading this thread i saw this post, they are both still happy in the same tank :m12:
  8. Quintonv

    Nano V3.0

    yeah i have been hunting down 2 more BTA's that have a very unique colour. i have found one of the 2 so will most likely be adding it by month end. I am aslo planning on upgrading this tank to a 90L*60W*50H. I like the size as it offers more swimming space and a shorty like myself can still...
  9. Quintonv

    Nano V3.0

    ill post better pics tomorrow when all the nennies are wide awake, the pics above were taken about 2hours before lights out
  10. Quintonv

    Nano V3.0

    @ReeferBray tank is still ticking on with oly a minor hickup here and there. I finally sorted out my zero N03 issue by removing matrix stones & half of my cheato. I now finally have a N03 sitting at about 3 ( the colour between 2 and 5 on the redsea kits)
  11. Quintonv

    Urgent help needed Inferno anemone trouble

    Coralfic delight and some Aquaforest products
  12. Quintonv

    Urgent help needed Inferno anemone trouble

    All of my nennies are going strong and have really grown well i still feed once in a while
  13. Quintonv

    Urgent help needed Inferno anemone trouble

    I have to agree none of my BTAs like mysis i see my inferno does like hake and lance
  14. Quintonv

    Urgent help needed Inferno anemone trouble

    My inferno in my avatar went from massive to dead in a matter of 2 weeks, nothing changed in my tank, all other BTAs around him were in perefect health and still is. My new inferno i decided not to feed based on another reefers experience with infernos. According to him they do not like to be...
  15. Quintonv

    Chas84’s TL550 Restarted

    Welkom terug!
  16. Quintonv

    Tom's 525XL APEX SPS TANK

    Bump for update!
  17. Quintonv

    Live stock available @ Majestic

    Can you please pm me price on the mandarin? Is it a male or female? Psychedelic or Blue?
  18. Quintonv

    [FS] Zoa Rock Fourways

    all good bud!
  19. Quintonv

    [FS] Zoa Rock Fourways

    Do the have a yellow eye?
  20. Quintonv

    [FS] Zoa Rock Fourways

    Hi Devon, Will you perhaps be able to frag a piece off?