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    [wtd] Macro Algae

    We can help you out with some macro algae. free
  2. RBM Aquatics

    21 Day Lockdown Special

    Due to the 21 Day Lockdown and the Cost of maintaining our Live Stock, We have decided to place all our livestock on Special till 6 PM Thursday.
  3. RBM Aquatics

    [wtd] Zetlight I200R

    @Royden Church if you dont come right with Mike, We have in stock.
  4. RBM Aquatics

    Gift Vouchers on our website

    Buy yours here
  5. RBM Aquatics

    Live phytoplankton in the Cape ?

    I will have 10 bottles of phyto @ R80 available for the weekend if anyone else is interested. Also 10 bottles of zoo mix @ R80 this is a blend of live brine shrimp, roti and phyto. all come in 500ml bottles
  6. RBM Aquatics

    [wtd] Pump for BM reactor

    Hi @aquaman1, we have a pump in stock. R280
  7. RBM Aquatics

    [wtd] Pump for Curve 5

    pm sent
  8. RBM Aquatics

    [wtd] Pump for Curve 5

    CURVE 5 ROCK SP1000 CURVE 7 ROCK SP2000 CURVE 9 ROCK SP4000 We have in stock
  9. RBM Aquatics

    [wtd] MP40 dry sides or full units

    sorry, cant do them for that price.
  10. RBM Aquatics

    [wtd] MP40 dry sides or full units

    Hi @D We have 2 second hand units in stock. R3500 each Give me a call on zero eight two 7285977 Regards Gary RBM Aquatics
  11. RBM Aquatics

    RBM Aquatics Kenya Fish List

    New arrivals
  12. RBM Aquatics

    Coral shipment landing tomorrow

    With Prices
  13. RBM Aquatics

    Cape Town Local LFS or Online LFS

    Hi @Sea-Horse, Thanks for popping in, Sorry didn't have time to chat with you. Did my staff help you out with the items you needed?
  14. RBM Aquatics

    Cape Town Local LFS or Online LFS

    Hi @Sea-Horse yes we have filter socks and brackets in stock.
  15. RBM Aquatics

    New member

    welcome @Brayden
  16. RBM Aquatics

    NoPox dosing

    The milky water is a bacteria bloom. what are your nitrate and phosphate sitting at?
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