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  1. Reefhead

    Looking for a anemone for clowns.

    What clowns do you have?
  2. Reefhead

    Looking to buy Coral's but can't get to the store we've got you covered

    Am I correct in saying this is a WYSIWYG website? Well for the corals anyway
  3. Reefhead

    TDS the same before and after DI

    So basically your reading is 3ppm before and after. Have you ever calibrated the TDS Meter? It could be that the meter is not calibrated or it could be that the resin is starting to saturate, you mention that you replaced the filters but did you replace the resin? Also did you flush the RO unit...
  4. Reefhead

    RO unit confusing me

    You should always flush the unit when using it after letting it stand for a while
  5. Reefhead

    Starting new Mixing salt with tap water or RO?

    "Use Tap water"- That is really terrible advice If you want to get your foundation right then please rather use RODI water. You will have endless problems starting off with tap water
  6. Reefhead


    This is basically a Carbon based version of Seachem Purigen What are you using it for? If it is for water clarity then there are many options in the line of carbon If you are using it for Nitrates and Phosphates then there are many better options out there
  7. Reefhead

    Christo's 3.0m Upgrade

    One day when I am big and strong Looks amazing
  8. Reefhead

    Another CADE PR300

    Ha ha The whole time I was thinking that cabinet looks familiar Sorry about that but I do remember now
  9. Reefhead

    Another CADE PR300

    Very nice I have the PR400 and its a great tank
  10. Reefhead

    Oj's pride & joy

    Yup You going to battle to add any more fish with a Sohal that size
  11. Reefhead

    Oj's pride & joy

    Very nice Really like your Zoas, some massive colonies That Sohal tang is huge
  12. Reefhead

    [FS] Red Sea 450 White Cabinet for Sale (No hardware or Livestock)

    Wish I had the space That's a great price
  13. Reefhead

    [FS] Brand New Jebao SW4 Wavemaker

    Ok I will take it Will Pm you
  14. Reefhead

    [FS] Brand New Jebao SW4 Wavemaker

    Ok cool I am interested Going into a meeting Will contact you afterwards
  15. Reefhead

    [FS] Brand New Jebao SW4 Wavemaker

    the tank I want it for is about 55L Not looking to add too much more flow though I am more worried about being to big then to small
  16. Reefhead

    [FS] Brand New Jebao SW4 Wavemaker

    I will dips it depending on tank size
  17. Reefhead

    [FS] Brand New Jebao SW4 Wavemaker

    What size tank is this ideal for?
  18. Reefhead

    Purple ????

    West Rand JHB You?
  19. Reefhead

    Purple ????

    Can I have some please?
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