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  1. Royden Church

    Clowns layed eggs

    Okay, so yesterday my 2 x clowns in my 500L corner tank were acting strange, cleaning an area on the live rock right next to their Bubble Tip Nennie and hold and behold, 3 hours later a large amount of eggs were layed onto the cleaned area. Not even my desjardine sailfine,, which is the size of...
  2. Royden Church

    [wtd] ZT6600 Glass Panel

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help! I am helping out a fellow reefer by repairing his ZT6600 light after the controller card got water damaged, on receiving the parcel today somehow the courier managed to break a the tempered glass even though this parcel was so well packaged by Postnet. I have...
  3. Royden Church

    New at nano tank

    Well I was lucky enough to pick up a Nuvo 10 with all accessories as well as a Zetlight ZA1201 for R1000. The light wasn't working and after close inspection found they were trying to run a 24v light on a 12v psu! Set the tank up on Saturday with already seeded aragonite from my big tank, live...
  4. Royden Church

    DIY LED Light

    Okay, so I am back at making a new set of my LED Lights, this time based on ZETLIGHT ZT6600. I decided to make the whole assembly from aliminium firstly for cost,secondly heat dissipation and lastly can powerdcoat any colour. Each unit will be driven by a 24v 20a psu. I can either fit the...
  5. Royden Church

    500L Corner Tank

    After some deliberation I final converted my 500L corner tank back to marine. Did the whole reef salt mixing and existing arraognite. Ran for 4 weeks and seeded with bio ceramic balls from 750L tank and finally moved all stock over this past weekend. All went well and all levels are perfect.
  6. Royden Church

    [wtd] ZETLIGHT ZT6600 Display Boards

    Hi All, I am in looking for one or two display boards for a ZETLight ZT6600, the can be new/used or faulty, not 100% sure if the ZT6800/ ZS7200/7300 boards are the same. I have attached a photo of the board Much appreciated. Regards Royden
  7. Royden Church

    ZETLIGHT ZT6600 Display Board

    Hi All, I am in looking for one or two display boards for a ZETLight ZT6600, the can be new/used or faulty, not 100% sure if the ZT6800/ ZS7200/7300 boards are the same. I have attached a photo of the board Much appreciated. Regards Royden
  8. Royden Church

    Fish ID, Rare Yellow Fuzzy Dwarf Lion Fish

    Hi All, I recently purchased this Yellow Fuzzy Dwarf Lion Fish and after some serious searching and talking to LFS in PE and aboard, no-one has seen one like this before. Could this be a rare Yellow Fuzzy Dwarf Lion fish? Video from youtube:
  9. Royden Church

    [SOLD] Bubble Magus Curve 5

    Hi guys. I have a BM Curve 5 which I bought 4 months ago, previous owner had for 2 months. Still in perfect clean condition. Asking price R1500 which is what I paid. Reason for selling, I have Reef Octopus, Aquaria and Skimz as well as 2 Boyu Skimmers as back up. Reef Octopus is for future frag...
  10. Royden Church

    Den Braven

    Greetings all, I am looking for Den Braven Aqua-Sil Black and Clear, anyone know where I can order from? Best regards
  11. Royden Church

    Here we go again

    Well, yesterday got a whatsapp from a LFS who is a good friend of mine, purchased a 1500 x 800 x 800 with side overflow and a 1400 x 450 x 400 sump which will be collecting on Sunday. All brand new and for R4000. So now here we start another and this will be number 12 for the house.
  12. Royden Church

    My DIY LED Panels

    Okay after many months of working on design, LED layout, colour spectrum and hundreds of calculations, I finally completed my 2 LED panels and mounted. Each panel is 236w of 3w LEDS and each only drawing 3.4 amps. Control is via a TC421 WIFI controller powered by a 30 watt psu, way over rated...
  13. Royden Church

    LED Light in the build

    Okay, so after sometime with travelling from one side of SA to another,I have finally started making my DIY LED panel, just waiting for LEDs and lenses to arrive. Perspex and ali was laser cut and I glued together today. Design worked out really well and assembly only took 30 min per perspex...
  14. Royden Church

    Cyno Bacteria

    Okay, been battling with Cyno Bacteria every now and then on my 500L corner tank. Return pump is a 5500L/H and 3 x 7500L/H wave makers creating a circular motion in DT. Sump has little Cyno in it. Skimmer is an Aquaria rated for 800L but pimped to estimated 1000L tank capacity. Every now and...
  15. Royden Church

    Jeboa Wave Maker cables

    Hi All, Does anyone if one gets extension cable for Jeboa SW Wavemakers, they come with shortish cable and battle to route to where I want them. I cant cut as still under warranty. Regards
  16. Royden Church

    Corner Tank to marine

    Hi All, Well, I finally got to converting my fresh water 500L corner tank to a marine setup, this has taken a bit of time but finaly ready to make wet! We will be filling this tank on Friday and then the long cycle comes along. I firstly changed my sump to run my 2 skimmers, BM Curve 5 and a...
  17. Royden Church

    [wtd]Reef Octopus OTP 2000/3000

    Hi all, I am urgently looking for a Reef Octopus OTP 2000/3000 needle wheel pump complete for my skimmer, If any one can please assist, please PM me. Kind regards
  18. Royden Church

    Sump Filter

    Hi Guys and Gals, After a long deliberation on sump filter design and looking at pricing, especially importing the fancy ones like the Trigger and so, I have decided to first build a prototype for testing purpose and there after build to order. The Trigger 39 which is 990mm long costs around...
  19. Royden Church

    Canister filter on marine tank

    Hi all, Just a question I been pondering on, on my 600L DT with 120L sump, I was thinking of using my Plex Casscade canister filter with media in each tray, no filter sponges, something more like matrix, carbon and some other media. Not 100% sure if anyone else is using this method? Planning to...
  20. Royden Church

    For sale and sellers not keeping to agreement

    Okay, this is a bit of a rant, There was a skimmer for sale in Jhb which I Pm'ed the seller who sent me his contact number and I contacted him regarding the skimmer and a verbal agreement was reached, low and behold to my surprise when logging onto MASA late last night and I read skimmer sold...
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