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    Chaetomorpha/Macro Algae

    Evening all Anyone with chaeto or any macro algae for sale or to give away. Please let me know In JHB
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    JBJ Nano Cube Skimmer

    Evening all Would a Dymax IQ Skimmer be sufficient for a JBJ Nano Cube 28g? Please can someone advise.
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    Skimmer Advice

    Evening all What is the best skimmer on the South African market? Looking for a good skimmer for my RedSea Reefer 450.
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    High Magnesium

    Afternoon all. I have had my Red Sea Reefer 450 running since April. In the last two months I bought the Red Sea Foundation Pro Test Kit to test: Magnesium,Alkalinity and Calcium. ( I currently only have some brown monte frag pieces) and various other LPS and softies. These are my readings...
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    ID Please

    I’ve had this “Coral” growing on my piece of liverock for quite sometime now, it has short tentacles and is growing like a carpet over the rock. Brown in color.
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    R.O Unit

    Evening all I am looking at getting an R.O unit for my house, so I won’t need to travel to the pet shop with water drums every weekend. My options so far are the Puritech and Waterboy units. Please can I get some advice on what to go with. Thanks in advance
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    [FS] Bubble Magus Reactor

    Bubble Magus BP-100 Bio Pellet Reactor. Excellent condition +- 6 months old Asking R1500
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    [FS] Aqua Illumination Prime HD

    Hi all I have a black Aqua Illumination Prime HD for sale. This is the newer version with wireless control and better LED chips. Light is in excellent condition with original packaging and also comes with an Aqua Illumination bracket. Asking R3500
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    [FS] Red Sea Reefer 170

    Red Sea Reefer 170 (No equipment) Excellent condition No scratches White Cabinet Sump Built In Auto Top Up All Plumbing R10 000 NEGOTIABLE
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    [FS] Aquaclear 50 HOB

    I have an Aquaclear 50 Power Filter for sale in good condition. With original box. Asking R700 Negotiable
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    [FS] Dymax IQ5

    Hi all I have a Dymax IQ5 and IQ3 for sale. IQ5 includes the following: Dymax NX5 43 LED Zon Light Dymax IQ5 Lid Dymax IQ Thermo Mini Heater Dymax PH200 Pump All with original boxes and in good condition. Asking R2000 Negotiable
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    [FS] Red Sea Reefer 170

    RED SEA REEFER 170 Complete Marine System: Jebao Marine Aqua DC Pump (DC2000) Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer Bubble Magus BP-100 Reactor Eheim Thermo Control Heater 150 Watt 2x Jebao RW-4 Wave Makers 2x Dymax Windy W-7 Cooling Fans Dymax Digital Thermometer Built in Red Sea Reefer Auto Top Up...
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    Zetlight UFO ZE8000

    Evening All Is anyone using or had any experience with the Zetlight UFO ZE8000? It has caught my interest and is an option for my new tank. Any help and advice will be much appreciated. Thanks Dean
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    Aqua Illumination

    Hi all Anyone know of retailers that are selling Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 HD units? Seems to be a big shortage in South Africa
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    R.O Unit

    Evening all What is a good budget R.O unit to buy? I am looking at installing one at home.
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    Aqua Illumination Hydras

    Evening all I have heard from a few retailers that the AI Hydra HD units have been discontinued? Is this true? I thought they were relatively new on the market
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    ID Please Carpet Anemone???

    Evening all Any ideas on what is growing next to my zoas? Looks like 100s of small tentacles
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    Sick Anenome

    Evening all I've had this nennie (not sure on species, was told a sand anemone )for about a year now with no problems except for growing :) I feed it a piece of lancefish around twice a week, but on my last feeding over the weekend, it ate and now looks like it has a "swollen mouth" Any ideas...
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    ID Please

    Evening all I am starting to notice a large number of these in my tank. Any ideas? Thanks Dean
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    Phosphate Reactor

    Hi all I've had power issues at my place for the past 12 hours or so. I have an electrician coming around lunch time, will there be any dangers in starting up my reactor, or would there be the danger of it releasing pollutants into the water?
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