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  1. r0ckf1re

    [SOLD] 350L Starfire Complete Tank for sale

    Item name AND Location. 350L Starfire Complete Tank for sale Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R30 000 (Neg) Full description. I am selling my tank, the tank is running perfectly with zero issues, no algae, no aptasia, never had WS in the 2 and a half years it's been running...
  2. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] LPS - Blasto,acan and Brain coral

    Hey good people, Can anyone please help with LPS - Blasto,acan and Brain coral Its for @bluescreen who is too shy to ask. Please PM him if you have any of the above for sale. Thanks
  3. r0ckf1re

    r0ckf1re's 2ndMarine tank

    Here is Version 2. Its an AKWA Elegance 120 (350L) Crystal Clear “Starfire” Glass Premium plastic coated cabinet + hood Sizes Aquarium Size: 119 x 44 x 64cm Cabinet Size: 120 x 45 x 80cm Sump Filter Size: 90 x 30 x 40cm Combined Height: 145cm Lighting ZETLIGHT ZT6600 Pump Sun Sun...
  4. r0ckf1re

    Jungle Aquatics - Amazing service

    I would like to thank Dwayne from @JungleAquatics for his excellent service. I ordered a new tank this morning at 9am. He is delivering it personally today. This not the first time I am getting great service from both Dwayne and Bryan. 10/10
  5. r0ckf1re

    [SOLD] Tank 1M x 32cmH x 43cmW - Sandton

    Item name AND Location. Tank 1M x 32cmH x 43cmW - Sandton Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R2000 Full description. Sadly my tank started leaking on the left front. Easy fix if you DIY. Has minor scratches. Not noticeable when tank is running. Age: 2 years 5...
  6. r0ckf1re

    [FS] FS - Decorated fire goby

    Selling a decorated fire goby as the pic attached. My clowns are harrassing it R450 neg- I paid R595 from jungle Acquatics yesterday Collection only - Sandton
  7. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] Chaeto

    Anyone wanting to throw some chaeto away, preferably in sandton area. Willing to drive out depending on area. Thanks.
  8. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] Reef safe fish (Medium Tank)

    If anyone has any fish for sale, please post here and I will confirm my interest. I would prefer jhb north area, but willing drive, depending on the fish/price etc.
  9. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] ZETLIGHT ZT6600 Remote

    Can someone please assist me in finding a remote for my zt6600. Perhaps someone has one for sale or know where I can get one. Thanks
  10. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] Pump for Curve 5

    Can someone please tell me what pump I can use on the Bubble Magus curve 5 skimmer. Perhaps where I can get a replacement from.
  11. r0ckf1re

    CT water shortage

    Level 6B -50L per person per day. I can't imagine how anyone could survive with that even without a tank Can any LFS give an idea of how much RO they need to top up there tanks daily ?
  12. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] Return Pump 2000L

    Hi all, I am looking for a return pump that is good for around 2metres/2000L. Bubble Magus rock 2000 or Hailea 6530 If you have an impeller for the Hailea, that would be even better. My one has become noisy.
  13. r0ckf1re

    Comp: Query on Fish Tank Memes Competition

    Hi, When will the results be out ?
  14. r0ckf1re

    Clowns wont host

    I have a pair of black ice clowns I got from a member here. I am not sure if they are Captive bred or Wild caught, although I think the latter. The clowns are with me for around a year or so, maybe less. They always ignore the nennie. I decided to put the Nennie in their territory. The clowns...
  15. r0ckf1re

    SOBO wavemakers

    Can I please get some insight regarding these wavemakers. I understand they are cheap, but my Jeboa died within a year. Interested in the WP-400
  16. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] Wavemakers

    Anyone has 1 or 2 wavemakers that is taking up space that they will let go for a reasonable price. Tank is 1M x 1/5M and 30cm high.
  17. r0ckf1re

    [wtd] Algae eating fish

    I had a sailfin who kept the algae growth at bay. I've sold it cos it got too big. That was tough cos to do and I do not wish to do that again. I prefer not to sell anything from my tank if not really needed. I'm looking to get a fish long term that will eat the algae. My tank is 100cm x 45 X...
  18. r0ckf1re

    [FS] Samsung gear VR

    Brand new, sealed in packaging. Looking for R700 Location : Sandton
  19. r0ckf1re

    Best placement for wavemakers

    Hey guys and gals, Any advice on best placement for wavemakers. @bluescreen
  20. r0ckf1re

    [FS] 18" Wheels and Tyres R5k

    I have a set of Turn1 wheels and Nexen Nfera SU4 tyres. 245/40/18 may have done around 1000kms and came on an Audi A4. Rims are 18 inch PCD 5 x112 8.5J PRICE: R5k The car was traded-in and I don't have a need for these anymore, or space to keep them. PM me for further details.
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