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    Timer plug?

    I use a PLC for my lights (incl. MH's) and have done so for 2 1/2 years now with no problems
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    Hi Allan, My name is Ted van Heerden & I live in Pretoria. I will be in Durban on the 13 & 14...

    Hi Allan, My name is Ted van Heerden & I live in Pretoria. I will be in Durban on the 13 & 14 December and was wondering if it would be possible to arrange a viewing of Glyn Forman's setup. Pleasae let me know. Ted
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    Giesseman Aquapink t5's

    Hi Guys To my eyes it looks good as it seems to enhance the colors, especially the pinks & greens. Mekaeel I don't know what the Fiji purple looks like but would like to know more about it
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    Giesseman Aquapink t5's

    Hi guys, I have just replaced my 20000k 54w T5's with aquapink from Giesseman. My configuration and lighting cycle is as follows:- 21h30 to 09h30 2 x moonlight LED's 09h30 to 21h30 2 x 54w Aquapink T5's 10h30 to 20h30 2 x 54w 10000k T5's 12h30 to 18h30 1 x 150w 10000k MH...
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    dwarf angels

    I have a 500 litre system and keep 3 dwarfs - a Coral Beauty, Flame and Rusty. I have had them since February last year and to date have had no problems with aggression or coral nipping. Maybe I've been lucky?
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    Aquarium Controller

    Try or They supply PLC's and their web pages will give you a brief overview of the possibilites. I know of people who control their Bearded dragon cages. I only control my lights - 09h30 - 21h30 - t5 actinics 10h30 - 20h30 - t5...
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    Aquarium Controller

    Like you I have a PLC which controls my lights and only cost me R1500 (for 4 slots). You can also get expansion units at about R800 a pop (also 4 slots). With a PLC you can control anything from auto top ups, heaters on and off, lights on and off and even send sms's.
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    Fish with coral

    I have 3 dwarf angels - Flame, Coral Beauty & Rusty. I have had them in my tank since Feb last year(2009) and to date they have not touched any of my corals including the softies.
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    150w Metal Halide with electronic ballast

    Hi Guys, can someone please help me. I bought a metal halide unit with 2 x 150w bulbs. I replaced the magnetic ballast with an electronic ballast. Since doing so I have a small problem in that evryday when the MH's come on both bulbs light up and after about 3 hours the one bulb goes off not to...
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    2010-03-25 coral shipment with estimated prices

    No Moolis - you should be arrested for bringing such temptation into our lives. The 3 that I took look amazing in my tank.
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    Don't Get Angry - Sun Coral

    Hi mVatso, I actually take my sun coral out of the tank once a week and put it into a 2litre ice cream bucket filled with tank water. I then feed it with the frozen food - brine shrimp, mysis, mussel pieces, etc. I stir the water every 15 minutes and leave the sun coral in the bucket for about...
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    Soft Coral – Target Feeding

    Hi Dean, I target feed my corals with Coral Frenzy from Monday to Saturday. I use a 60ml plastic syringe with a large nozzle and turn off all my powerheads for an hour. All my corals are growing extremely well. I have Zoas, Mushrooms, Xenias, Acroporas, Blastomusso, Tubastrea, Sinularia &...
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    Regulated Water Flow

    Thanks guys - I have it working since Sunday and all seems to be okay - I also have both sides off for an hour between 17h00 and 18h00 to allow for coral target feeding.
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    Regulated Water Flow

    Hi Guys, Happy 2010 to you all. My tank is 1500mm in length and I have 4 powerheads in the tank generating 24000 lph. These powerheads are situated as follows 1 x 6000lph SunSun double barrel & 1 x 6000 lph Seio on both the left and right hand sides of the tank (which is 700mm wide). These run...
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    Fragging help needed.

    Tagging along
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    The Beginner Files: Advice and the do's and donts of Reefing

    I would just like to chronicle my experience of the "hostile" environment. Shortly after purchasing a Sun coral, at the beginning of 2008, I read on this forum a few ways of feeding the Sun. one was using a 2 litre plastic bottle with the bottom cut off and another novel way was put forward by a...
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    My new Zoa's

    I am certainly very interested in the purple tip acro - please pm me price when available - thanks a million
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    International Guru's coming to Idol Marine shop..

    A great and informative evening - Anthony certainly knows his oats. Nice meeting new reefers as well.
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    International Guru's coming to Idol Marine shop..

    I'm in - see you tomorrow
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