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  1. NJH

    [FS] Hardware for sale.

    Item name AND Location. Hardware for sale, Skimmer and MP40 Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price Full description. I have the following for sale, Roodepoort Helderkruin: 1 x JNS ConeS skimmer (Complete with pump.) - R2500. 2 x Vortech MP 40's Quiet Drives. About a year old...
  2. NJH

    [wtd] STC 1000 TEMP CONTROLLER

    Hi, I am looking for a STC Temp Controller. I am on the Westrand.
  3. NJH

    [SOLD] Corals, live rock Helderkruin Roodepoort.

    Item name AND Location. Corals, live rock Helderkruin Roodepoort. Name of Fish/Coral Various How long have you had it? Few years Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price Info I have decided to break down my tank. I do not...
  4. NJH

    Great service.

    I just want to thank Sheldon @Marine Aquatics for his great service. Not only is he hell of a nice guy but he goes out of his way to help and his stock is always healthy. :m106:
  5. NJH

    [wtd] Bellus Angel

    Looking for Bellus Angel. Anyone?
  6. NJH

    [wtd] Acans

    Looking for some nice acans.
  7. NJH

    [wtd] Tennenti Tang.

    Looking for one.
  8. NJH


    Who currently stocks ATI phosphate stop.
  9. NJH

    Yellow Eye Kole or Two Spot Tang

    Hi. Who has Yellow Eye Kole or Two Spot tangs i stock. Preferably in Joburg area.
  10. NJH

    Bubble Magus Impeller

    Hi. Looking for a Bubble Magus Curve 9 impeller for SP4000 pump.
  11. NJH

    Bubble Magus

    I am in desperate need of a bubble magus curve 9 impeller. Can anyone help please.
  12. NJH


    So my Orange Shoulder Tang went all pshyco over the weekend attaking all the fish in my tank. Killed my Magnificent fox and seriously injured my parrotfish and twin spot. Had to tear down my tank to get him out. Put him in my quarantine tank which has a tusk and he calmed down and is acting all...
  13. NJH

    Zetlight ZT6600

    Who has stock?
  14. NJH

    Maxpect Razor replacement LED

    Hi I need replacement led pads for my Maxspect Razor 160w 16000k.
  15. NJH

    Prazi Pro

    Do any sponsors have or could they order PraziPro?
  16. NJH

    Fiji Foxface

    I can get one of these. I have not seen one in a very long time. Price is R1600.00. Will I be paying too much?
  17. NJH

    Marine salt

    Any sponsors with salt specials? Preferably Seachem Reefsalt.
  18. NJH

    Quoyi Parrotfish

    I got one of these today. (Photo from the net. Mine his hiding in the quarantine tank at the moment.)
  19. NJH

    Magnificent foxface

    Who has a Magnificent foxface in stock?
  20. NJH

    Chocolate Tang

    Hi. Looking for a chocolate tang.
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