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  1. Ocean

    Teaser - JacquesB's new cube.....

    Hey man, cant wait to see how your system is looking now. I have just set up a new tank about 4 months ago, I'm going to make a thread on it soon (getting the water parameters perfect, tons of pods and only one small zoanthid:whistling:). So please post I bet it looks amazing by now!
  2. Ocean

    Ocean's New Tank

    After taking a brake from reefing for about 2 years, i am hoping to set up a new 110L mixed marine tank. Luckily I have not got rid of all the essential and most costly things, like my live (dead now) rock, protein skimmer and Tunze pumps. I want to go with a classic sump design not to complex...
  3. Ocean

    Dane's low-tech nano

    Dane that is a very nice tank (any tank without algea is good tank:thumbup:), I had a candy cane coral in my first tank and even though it only had a 11watt light with no reflector it grew and that was because i fed it weekly, this coral will need additional food. Good luck!
  4. Ocean

    Kh§Ca story

    It is the Magnesium, you need it higher as when you have low levels of Mg then the alk and Ca bond, taking it out of the tank. Try and raise your Mg, and see what happens.
  5. Ocean

    Small tank idea

    I had my eye ont he aqua medic 250w but my one big problem is only two T5s and well is it realy worth the extra money, if it is possible to make a DIY unit and have 4 T5s, but it does not work as well then the extra money is a good idea is there any other light unit like this I should look at?
  6. Ocean

    Small tank idea

    Thanks everyone, well Jacques is to do water changes one a week and quiet large ones. I have been thinking of how I can add an effective DSB but that is only an idea now. What I am using is a lot of purigen to keep all ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in check I hope. I am also using Stability and I...
  7. Ocean

    Mekaeel's New SPS Reef tank

    With every tank I have seen of yours it just gotten better and better, I realy would like to see how big a leap this tank takes forward. Good luck, tell us the T5s work with the SPS colour.
  8. Ocean

    Small tank idea

    I should be adding the first SPS in a month or so if all the water conditions are alright. My next fish to be added are two perc clowns, somewhere down the line I want to add a six line wrasse but as this would be the most agro fish in the tank that is last, what I should add after the clowns I...
  9. Ocean

    Small tank idea

  10. Ocean

    Small tank idea

    Well the the tank is up and running, so far all is going well. Tank 45h x 60l x 50w= 125l with 10cm black silicon and the front glass is low iron glass(starphire) Equipment: 150W MH (going to upgrade soon, not to soon) Tunze 6025 Atlas return pump Filtration: Carib Sea special floor grade 6kgs...
  11. Ocean

    Sentari's New Tank

    The algae in your display tank is normal, but the cyno on the cheato should be removed with out hesitation as it WILL spread if your system is not 100% and marine tanks or any tanks for that matter are never 100% when you set it up.
  12. Ocean

    Curvball's 12g NanoReef

    Curvball, I am setting up a 125L nano and I am going SPS dominant on it. So I would really like your opinion on IceCap vs. AquaMedic or is there any other light I should be maybe looking at? I am going to use 250watts so I think that either way I go I will get growth but what I am really looking...
  13. Ocean

    Small tank idea

    Sorry I been away for so long, Im back now I have not given up on the new tank it finished but thats only the tank no cabinet (being made) no lights and of course no life. This tank is made of 10mm glass with front panel being starfire glass and polished edges with black silicone. This...
  14. Ocean

    Pete's Re-scaped Reef

    Your tank real does look A LOT better, it is so clean but most of all your scaping looks awesome. Well I would really like to see what its like in 6 months but update before that. Well done!;)
  15. Ocean

    Lanzo's turbo charged super reef tank

    Lanzo, I dont know if I missed this but where is your tank situated?
  16. Ocean

    IMACSA Cape Town 2009

    I will definitely be in!
  17. Ocean

    Fraggin It... Again

    To all the new reefers this is how you do it, and do TONS of research before you frag. Nice job looks very professional.
  18. Ocean

    Ro water

    I can give you some water if you want I will make some for you if you need it, my TDS is 0 and Im using a Reef Master RO machine. I live in hout bay, please tell me how much and when you are coming over as I need to make it before hand. Pmed you my phone no.
  19. Ocean

    Masa Survey

    what did YOU write ;)
  20. Ocean

    New to masa

    He said asap, do you think he ment it or did he mean as soon as he remembers. Then it is ASAR, where the pics?
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