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  1. Storm

    Storms Pond

    Hi everyone With recently buying a house with wooden floors, ive had to downscale my 300L reef to a 90L Nano until I build my undercover outside entertainment area with concrete floors. Until then, I need a new project to keep me busy and one thing ive been gifted with is a very very big front...
  2. Storm

    SunSun Fish Tank Lighting Advice

    Hello Been a while since ive posted. Recently bought a house but it has wooden floors so ive decided to downscale my 300L to a nano instead of packing it up. I bought myself a SunSun Fish Tank today and slowly started moving over some sand and rockwork. It states the lighting is a 7W LED Tube...
  3. Storm

    Brown Jelly Disease

    Hi Everyone Whats a good remedy for Brown Jelly Disease? My Frogspawn corals are taking a knock for some reason.
  4. Storm

    Coral Food

    Hi Everyone I have run out of coral food and need to replace my bottle in the week. My poison of choice up until now has been Reef Snow with "Good" results. However Ive decided to fish about first before buying the same thing again. What is the best food for a Softie/LPS tank I can dose with...
  5. Storm

    [wtd] Torch Coral Frag

    Hi, can anybody help me with a Torch Coral Frag? I am based in East London. Willing to pay Courier Fees.
  6. Storm

    Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hello. I am looking for a quote on a Large Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, at least fist size including courier fees to East London please. Thanks.
  7. Storm

    [wtd] Large Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hello. I am looking for a Large Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, at least fist size. I live in East London and would be willing to pay courier fees. Thanks in advance.
  8. Storm

    Branching Blue Bubble Coral

    Hello I am looking for pricing on a "Branching Blue Bubble Coral", including delivery to East London. Thanks in advance.
  9. Storm

    [wtd] Clove & Bubble Coral Frags

    Hello I am over in East London, and unfortunately we suffer from a lack of coral variety. I am looking for Clove & Bubble coral frags. Could anybody help me out please? I would pay shipping fees.
  10. Storm

    [wtd] Blue Pulsing Xenia

    Hi Can anybody help me with a frag of Blue Pulsing Xenia? Im based in East London. Thanks in advance.
  11. Storm

    East London Catches - 2015

    Hi Everyone Anybody catch anything interesting in East London lately?
  12. Storm

    Rock Pooling Tips?

    Hi Everyone Does anybody have any unique tips or tricks on how to catch those pesky fish that refuse to come out under rocks in rock/tidal pools?
  13. Storm

    Tiny Jellyfish?

    Hello. For the first time in 8 years tiny jellyfish have started popping up out of nowhere in my tank, they float all the way to the top of the water and sit there since they cant go any further. Any ideas on how to keep them alive? Or should I toss them? In new territory here.
  14. Storm

    Storms Reef - Updated November 2014

    Hello I have not posted Reef updates for years, thought I would get back into it a bit. Here is my current Reef of 300 Liters running since 2008.
  15. Storm

    Banggai Cardinal Baby

    Hello. I came home today and discovered my Banggai Cardinals had a baby. His less then a cm in size. I know nothing about rearing a baby fish. Anybody got advice, tips or links for me?
  16. Storm

    Bangai Cardinals Pregnant

    My Bangai Cardinals pair are expecting :). Anybody got any advice on how to keep the little ones alive when they arrive?
  17. Storm

    Considering Redoing My Reef. Advice Needed

    Considering redoing my reef, after 5 years she needs some TLC ;) Questions: 1) Shallow vs Deep Tank (Considering a 4ft shallow tank atm). What are the bennefits/cons? all I know is Deep has been a PAIN to clean when it came to glass algae 2) Currently have a Over-flow box system trickeling...
  18. Storm

    Storm Reef Tank *Updated*

    It has been a a very, very, very long while since ive been on this site... :whistling: So, I should probably add some updated pictures once in a while lol. Anyways here we go. My Tank going on its 5th year. PS: My Pulsing Xenia is going into its spreading season again, if anyone wants pieces I...
  19. Storm

    Retarded Crab...

    Morning. It seems I have found a hairy hitchhiker crab "Which I have not seen in the years my tank has been running -_-..." Which now seems to have grown a taste for my Pulsing Xenia Corals, the damn thing has chopped one of my Xenia heads in half and kicked the rock it was on over! The rock was...
  20. Storm

    Acclimatizing Clams?

    Does one Acclimatize clams lol? Ive never had one in all my years of reefing but I think its about time. Also, whats there feeding habbits like? Thanks.
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