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  1. Mike

    It all began with a blue idea!

    Thread moved at owner's request
  2. Mike

    Why Sunscreen is important

    How wrong can wrong get?:(
  3. Mike

    Can anyone tell what this is ?

    Spaghetti worm i think - good, harmless detritus feeder.
  4. Mike

    Hennie MIA ...

    That must have been very scary, glad you're through it, best wishes from England.:)
  5. Mike

    Christmas dinner

  6. Mike

    is this good or bad-pic

    It is cyano, it's part of "new tank syndrome" ensure you run carbon and rowaphos (or other phosphate remover) and it will die off naturally.
  7. Mike

    New Tank

    It will still work but you may find that sps near the bottom don't thrive so well as they would under 400w, perhaps i generalized a bit, but it is usually considered to be over 600mm then 400w for sps, if your sps are mounted a little higher on the rock work, no problem.
  8. Mike

    New Tank

    Sorry i can't help with the sketch thing but please reconsider the 700mm deep, i had a tank that deep and it was a real **** to pick anything up without getting VERY wet, 600mm deep is probably adequate - not only for wet arm pits but the lighting has to be upgraded to 400w mH lamps at over that...
  9. Mike

    Ammonia Problem

    Hi chaps, nice to see some familiar faces over here on MASA.:) I'd like to say, given Hennie's usual calm conclusive and inspiring insights (i've seen Mr Saxby's tank at first hand - i know he uses his own brand of salt, and his tank is the best i have ever seen) perhaps it was a bad mix...
  10. Mike

    Did Habana kick Clerc?

    I started at 10 which isn't that early, i just forgot to stop:lol:
  11. Mike

    Who my fish See..

    Me too these days:lol:
  12. Mike

    Who my fish See..

  13. Mike

    Did Habana kick Clerc?

    Hell my nose was only broken 5 times in 33years of rugby - not bad really:P He's only in trouble because he was caught, otherwise - if the ref don't see it - no problem:whistling:
  14. Mike

    Who my fish See..

    Cheers bud:wave2: Just busy lately, i'll be back soon(ish)
  15. Mike

    Who my fish See..

    Damn Crispin - what happened fella? car crash? acid bath?:whistling:
  16. Mike

    Did Habana kick Clerc?

    Yep he did, but the kick was designed to annoy not to hurt, he probably wanted a reaction, bit dirty - but hey, that's professional rugby these days.
  17. Mike

    WARNING: Mineral depletion by algae scrubbers.

    Put the skimmer back in and get rid of the snake oil dude.
  18. Mike

    Happy Birthday Mike and HenkHugo

    Blimey, not twenty huh? bugger i'm getting old then:lol::lol::lol:
  19. Mike

    Perc 90 from the Midlands

    Nice to see you back Rob :)
  20. Mike

    Happy Birthday Bob

    Missed that, sorry Bob, hope you're not suffering too much today :)
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