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    Zetlight LED club

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    Chaetomorpha/Macro Algae

    Evening all Anyone with chaeto or any macro algae for sale or to give away. Please let me know In JHB
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    Zetlight LED club

    Evening all Can anyone recommend “the most popular” settings I can try for my Qmaven 2 on my Red Sea Reefer 450 mixed reef. Currently been running the improve growth of lps preset. Any advice appreciated
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    [FS] Tank and extras for sale

    Evening Is any of the above still available?
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    Evening Is the CADE PR300 still available?

    Evening Is the CADE PR300 still available?
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    Zetlight LED club

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    Zetlight LED club

    Anyone know if it’s possible to fit the 1201 to 15mm glass?
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    Zetlight LED club

    Hi did you get your light?
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    Zetlight LED club

    Evening all Is anyone using the new Zetlight Qmaven 2?
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    JBJ Nano Cube Skimmer

    Evening all Would a Dymax IQ Skimmer be sufficient for a JBJ Nano Cube 28g? Please can someone advise.
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    Skimmer Advice

    Evening all What is the best skimmer on the South African market? Looking for a good skimmer for my RedSea Reefer 450.
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    High Magnesium

    No, Red Sea Coral Pro
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    High Magnesium

    Afternoon all. I have had my Red Sea Reefer 450 running since April. In the last two months I bought the Red Sea Foundation Pro Test Kit to test: Magnesium,Alkalinity and Calcium. ( I currently only have some brown monte frag pieces) and various other LPS and softies. These are my readings...
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    ID Please

    I’ve had this “Coral” growing on my piece of liverock for quite sometime now, it has short tentacles and is growing like a carpet over the rock. Brown in color.
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    [FS] Aqua Illumination Prime HD

    Final price: R3000 PM me if interested
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    [FS] Aqua Illumination Prime HD

    Light goes out about 30cm Light was purchased locally as well as the arm.
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    [FS] Aqua Illumination Prime HD

    PRICE DROP R3200
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    R.O Unit

    I noticed Waterboy does not offer a 5 stage like Puritech does.
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