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  1. kalkwasser

    [FS] ScubaPro gear

    ScubaPro MK25 1st stage (DIN) S600 2nd stage R395 alternate air supply. Duel depth and pressure gauge. Depth gauge is not working and removed. Glide 2000 BC it's L-XL . R6000onco free shipping Contact Brian 0727558583
  2. kalkwasser

    [FS] STD 4Ft Complete

    R9000 ONCO STD 4ft 1220 x 450 x 450 With 3ft sump 2500lt/h return pump 5000lt/h aquamedic wavemaker Heater Protein skimmer (no name modified.) 2x CT Lite G3 90w LED's with controller Live rock (still need to see how much have) Its bare bottom at the moment but have aragointe for the tank.
  3. kalkwasser

    [FS] 150lt Aquarium

    I have a 150lt aquarium with built in sump at the back. Total size including back filtration 600L x 550W x 500H Tank size excluding back filtration 600L x 450W x 500H R3500 ONCO Comes with: stand lighting return pump heater skimmer live rock
  4. kalkwasser

    [wtd] Pump for a Reef Octopus Regal 250.

    I am looking for a pump for a reef octopus regal 250 int. Think it's the model before the regal but definitely a 250. I have a Regal 250 ext and its exact dimensions. If anyone has.
  5. kalkwasser

    [FS] Kenyan Trees, Pin Cushions Pulsing Xeina and Green Lettuce leather frags DBN

    Item name AND Location. Kenyan Trees, Pin Cushions Pulsing Xeina and Green Lettuce leather frags DBN Name of Fish/Coral I have the above frags for sale Trees x 4 R250ea Pins x 10 R250ea Leather x 3 R125ea Xeina x 5 R 150ea How long have you had it? Frags 3 month. Mother Corals in my DT for 5...
  6. kalkwasser

    [FS] Twinspot Wrasse (Coris aygula) Durban

    Item name AND Location. Twinspot Wrasse (Coris aygula) Durban Name of Fish/Coral Twinspot Wrasse How long have you had it? 4 years Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price 700 Info The twinspot is about 120-150mm getting a...
  7. kalkwasser

    Reef safe epoxy.

    Hi guy. I am looking at doing some aquascaping and just looking for some reef safe epoxy for bonding my smaller piece of rock together. Any brands to look out for?
  8. kalkwasser

    Skimmer upgrade.

    Hi guys. I am going to be upgrading my skimmer at the end of the month. I am looking at the Reef Octopus Regal 250 ext. I just wanna know from anyone who may be using this skimmer if they happy with it. I like what I see but just would like to hear your opinions.
  9. kalkwasser

    some advice on razor leds

    Hi Guys, I am wanting to know if two 600mm 16000k razor led unit would be good enough for a 1800 x 700 x 700 with SPS and LPs corals? thanks guys
  10. kalkwasser


    Hi guys, Found this cool site not sure if it is on here already but its awesome.
  11. kalkwasser

    DIY Base Rock By Kalkwasser

    Ok some of you have asked me to start a thread on my DIY base rock. Here goes. Ingredients: Portland White Cement Kulu Agrit from Idwala. It is a white limestone mined in Port Shepstone it is fine will also work well for DSB... To start, get your self a lets say a 1l tub and one...
  12. kalkwasser

    BR/LR research

    Hi guys, I have been working on some base rock. Now the research I am doing is what is the demand for good quality BR. And at a later stage would won't to know if anyone would buy farmed LR. Mods if I am out of line starting this thread please warn me!!!!
  13. kalkwasser

    Kalkwassers new tank

    Hi guys, I am setting up a 1200 x 660 x 450 reef aquarium. still a long wait but this is the tank...:thumbup:
  14. kalkwasser

    Hey guys I am back!!!

    Hi all its been a long while but I am back reefing again!!!!!:thumbup:
  15. kalkwasser

    Polish Divorce

    A Polish man moved to England and married an English girl. Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well until one day he rushed into a lawyer's office and asked him if he could arrange a divorce for him. The lawyer said that getting a divorce would depend on the...
  16. kalkwasser

    snow men

  17. kalkwasser

    Idea for new house

    Here is my Idea for the new place Ill be moving into. We move in at the end of August Lost of work to be done. There will be a tank room and this is where my clown breeding tanks will be going and all filtration. Main display tank will be 1700Lx1000Wx700H kitchen divider tank will be...
  18. kalkwasser

    The Spoon

    The spoon:A lesson on how consultants can make a difference in an organization.Last week, we took some friends to a new restaurant, 'Steve's Place,' and noticed that the waiter who took our order carried a spoon in his shirt pocket.It seemed a little strange. When the busboy brought our...
  19. kalkwasser

    Check out my spare room

    Wish it was Mine, but I have to give it back:whistling:
  20. kalkwasser

    Which of the ten is your best Angelfish

    Lets see which is the most popular Angel fish.
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