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  1. scottyD

    [FS] Livestock for sale - corals & Anenomes

    Interested in one of the infernos. Will PM you.
  2. scottyD

    [SOLD] 2 X Tunze Stream 3 wavemakers

    Interested in one (the unbroken one ;) ) Are you willing to ship via PostNet where I’ll pay for the shipping? Regards
  3. scottyD

    [FS] Complete setup

    Hi Trad I’ll take it if it is still available.
  4. scottyD

    [FS] 2x EcoTech Radion Gen1 with TIR lenses

    Lights collected. Sold.
  5. scottyD

    [FS] 2x EcoTech Radion Gen1 with TIR lenses

    @dubediver will be coming by on Saturday. If not taken, I will let you know @ReeferZN.
  6. scottyD

    [FS] 2x EcoTech Radion Gen1 with TIR lenses

    Item name AND Location. 2x EcoTech Radion Gen1 with TIR lenses Shipping or Collection or Both? All of the above Price R3,200 each (R5,200 both) Full description. Item being sold: Two x EcoTech Radion Gen1 with TIR lenses * Location: Pretoria (Monument Park) * Who will handle shipping costs...
  7. scottyD

    [FS] Complete setup

    If the Radion and bracket is still available, I am interested.
  8. scottyD

    [FS] Various Livestock Pretoria

    PS: the large ones
  9. scottyD

    [FS] Various Livestock Pretoria

    Would like to book and view two BTA. What colour are they?
  10. scottyD

    [FS] 2.1M Tank For Sale Fourways

    A few pics from the front? Age of the tank? Previously used? Pic of the “overflow” from the front and top?
  11. scottyD

    No waterchanges experience and advice

    Great to hear that you are testing. Consider getting an automatic doser after you “know what the tank needs”, so if you go away for work the tank is sorted. Still test to make sure that everything is within acceptable ranges. And if the corals look and are happy, all good :)
  12. scottyD

    No waterchanges experience and advice

    Hi JP It’s all about what corals you have, and what they need to thrive (survival is an option, but then you won’t get any joy from your tank if everything is clinging on for dear life) [emoji6] If I’m not mistaken, you have a softie dominated tank. In this case, Mg, KH and Ca will not be...
  13. scottyD

    [SOLD] Possible Tank Shutdown. Pretoria

    Pics of the actual tank and stand? Full tank shot?
  14. scottyD

    [FS] EcoTech Radion Gen1 with TIR lenses

    Unfortunately not
  15. scottyD

    [FS] Water changing station - frame and bottom tank - Monument Park, Pretoria

    Top of the morning to you. Still available for collection. First come first serve. I am available most of the time during the week. Kept it for a while but want it gone ASAP.
  16. scottyD

    [SOLD] 5ft Tank on Cabinet: Edenvale (JHB)

    @Breado Is the tank standing on the wooden cabinet or is the wood cladding for a steel frame/stand?
  17. scottyD

    [FS] Complete system

    Had a quick look but didn’t see the time you have had the setup. How long have you had the setup above?
  18. scottyD

    [wtd] Ceramic rings / Ceramic balls / Matrix / Pond Matrix

    Anyone have a pile / big load of ceramic rings...etc etc... lying around? I have 20L-25L of plastic bio balls, so not interested in those bad boys for now. You know you'll never use those ceramics again. Just taking up space, gathering dust, the perfect place for creepy crawlies with 8 or more...
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