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  1. Hails

    [FS] Plate Coral and Superman Mushroom (Hurlyvale)

    Also have a few smaller ones I'll post later on if anyone is interested.
  2. Hails

    [FS] Plate Coral and Superman Mushroom (Hurlyvale)

    The Plate is about 13cm. R650 And Superman Mushroom is R250.
  3. Hails

    [FS] SPS frag pack (Hurlyvale)

    Yes it is
  4. Hails

    Welcome to Easy Reef

    Welcome :)
  5. Hails

    [FS] SPS frag pack (Hurlyvale)

    Good starter SPS frag pack. Thick Branched Birdsnest Ponape Hystrix Birdsnest Hyacinth Hystrix Birdsnest Elkorn R350 for all.
  6. Hails

    [SOLD] Softie frag pack (Hurlyvale)

    1 x Hydnophora 1 x mushroom rock 1 x green polyp Pincushion 1 x green zoa frag 1 x GSP frag 1 x blue polyp frag R550 for all
  7. Hails

    [FS] Ponape Hystrix Birdsnest frags (Hurlyvale)

    Ponape Hystrix Birdsnest frags for R120 each.
  8. Hails

    [wtd] I'm looking for a frag of utter chaos zoas

    Unfortunately I don't. Bunch of other weird and wonderful colours but no utter chaos yet.
  9. Hails

    [wtd] Small easy frags

    I've got a bunch of easy to keep frags in Hurlyvale
  10. Hails

    Looking for Ricordeas

    If any of the sponsors have some nice Ricordeas please could you let me know. Starting to put together my mushroom garden slowly. :)
  11. Hails

    [wtd] Lumo Yellow Candy Cane

    That's more of a lime green. Easier to find than yellow ;)
  12. Hails

    [wtd] Dragons breath macro algae

    I've got some but in Jhb
  13. Hails

    Pulse Coral (xenia sp)?

    Star polps on the left, pulsing xenia on the right
  14. Hails

    [SOLD] Hyacinth Hystrix Birdsnest and Xenia rock

    Yup, in Birch Acres but work in Woodmead
  15. Hails

    [SOLD] Hyacinth Hystrix Birdsnest and Xenia rock

    Hyacinth Hystrix Birdsnest (purple with blue polyps) - R280 Xenia rock - R190
  16. Hails

    [wtd] Chaeto

    If you arrange a courier I can bring some to work to be collected if no one else comes through
  17. Hails

    [wtd] Birdnest Frag

    I'll be a 5 min drive from him in a few weeks :)
  18. Hails

    [wtd] Birdnest Frag

    I've got thick branched, Ponape and Hyacinth Hystrix Birdsnest but you know where I stay
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