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  1. brentv

    [FS] Profilux 3 1T Special Edition plus loads

    I’m slowly gonna dismantle my 2300L system. First up: Profilux 3 1T Special Edition with Optical laser level, Loads of float switches, cables and piles of bits and pieces 4 x probes: S.G, Temp, PH and Redox 2 x Power bars 1 x 6 and 1 x 4 slot Extra pile of plugs to attach items. Powerhead cables...
  2. brentv

    [FS] Feeler, Massive Cube Tank (CPT)

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about downgrading to a smaller tank for a bunch of reasons. Would just like to see if there if a need: I have a Cube tank 1600mm x 1550mm by 800H in 15mm glass all euro braced with 19mm glass base and bracings, all in black silicone and no scratches. Coast to coast black...
  3. brentv

    [FS] Loads of different softies available CPT

    I have a huge variety of all sorts of soft corals available in my 2300L system Ranging from R200 up to huge colonies
  4. brentv

    [FS] Aqua Illumini Glisten 180

    Hi Guys, Have a couple of these amazing LED’s available. They are brand new in boxes each 1 unit you can grab for R6500 (Retails for R10k plus) But needs a WiFi module to run them at R1200 (can run a whole bunch of 1 module
  5. brentv

    [SOLD] Kelo 100W Canon LED

    Hi Guys, Have a 100W Kelo AO100s Canon LED available. Works for an SPS dominated up to 600mm x 600mm Been running 9 months in mint condition Worth over R6k I would like R3k! Packed in box with all hanging and arm attachment options
  6. brentv

    [FS] “Tanked” style Artificial reef

    Hi Guys, I have a full artificial reef made out of all the imported non toxic epoxies the guys use on “Tanked” in the US. The “ Reef” will fit in a tank minimum 1,6M x 800 x 650 high, but ideally larger than this is better Currently in my tank 1600mm x 1500mm x 750H If you considering going...
  7. brentv

    "Tanked" style artificial reef

    Hey guys, I have a non toxic full artificial reek available with loads of Resin corals, epoxy rock in vibrant colours made from imported products from USA. Currently in a 1,6M x 1,5M x 750mm high, but will work in up to a 2M tank with a minimum 800mm width Great for guys wanting to do...
  8. brentv

    [SOLD] Breeding Pair of Clownfish (CPT)

    Hi Guys, Mate closed down his tank and had a breeding pair of Fire clowns (Started laying a month ago) I've just put them in my sump for holding at the moment R700
  9. brentv

    [wtd] Looking for fish that are eating your corals (CPT)

    Hi Guys, Have an over 2000L DT with artificial reef. Let me know if you have any fish that are eating your corals?
  10. brentv

    [FS] Waterboy RO Unit - CPT

    Have a 4 stage Waterboy RO unit with new resin and Membrane only few months old also willing to throw in new cartridge filters to make it practically a brand new unit! R1200
  11. brentv

    [FS] UV Algae X unit with extras - CPT

    I have a UV Algae X unit with Bubble Magus return pump, 1kg of Matrix Stones and 500ml of phosgaurd Needs a new UV bulb R800
  12. brentv

    [SOLD] Live Rock R60 per KG, CPT

    Hey all have 16kg Artificial and dry live rock available at R60 per KG if you take all Collection only..
  13. brentv

    [wtd] Chaeto & macro algaes (Durbs Area)

    Hi Folks, Looking for some chaeto and macros in Durban area for a mates tank, please PM me if you have. He is willing to pay a bit if you wanna sell. Thanks in advance ;-)
  14. brentv

    [FS] Kalkstirrer KS150 Reef Octopus

    Hi Guys have the above Kalkstirrer, good for any size tank up to about 2000L I'll be happy to get R2500, new price is R6000 plus 100% great working condition
  15. brentv

    [wtd] Kalkstirrer KS150 Reef Octopus

    Hi Guys, have the above Kalkstirrer rated for 2000L will be happy to take R2500. New now are over R6000. 100% excellent working condition. Reason for selling, doing a fish only tank now.
  16. brentv

    [FS] RW20 Flow pumps 20 000L ea (With Profilux adaptors)

    Hi Guys have 4 Jebao RW20's for Sale Have had them modded with a profilux plug in adaptor, so you can choose % plus all the vast amount of settings (Should work for other computers too) R1200 ea or all 4 for R4000
  17. brentv

    [FS] XXL Chalice, Cape Town

    Chalice is nearly the size of a dinner plate, only want R500 Collection only Sent from my Ghost using Tapatalk
  18. brentv

    [FS] Fiji premium Live Rock

    I have rescaped my tank this weekend and have pulled out some large pieces of amazing Fiji live rock to make way for SPS. Rock is amazing shapes and crevices and holes.
  19. brentv

    [wtd] Clownfish in CT area

    Hi Guys, Looking for some adult clownfish in Cape Town area, Please PM me if you have anything? Willing to buy or swap for corals ;-)
  20. brentv

    [FS] Burgessi Butterfly (Semi Reefsafe!)

    Name of Fish/Coral-Chaetodon Burgessi Size of Fish/Coral-7-8cm How long have you had it?-2 months Is it eating and healthy?-100% healthy and eating Your Location-Cape Town Shipping or Collection or Both?-Collection Price-R1500 Advertised Elsewhere? YES or NO-Yes, Whatsapp Group Info and Images-...
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