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    [wtd] PAR meter

    Hi, looking for a par meter in the Durban area, either to buy or borrow
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    Using natural sea water

    So I’ve been considering using natural sea water for my weekly water changes and wanted to know if any other reefers are doing this. Is there any benefit from using natural sea water over synthetic water? I have read a few posts where guys have mentioned their livestock seems happier with NSW so...
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    [FS] Ecotech radion xr15 gen3 pro

    2 x ecotech radion xr15 gen3 pros for sale @ R3500 each
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    Moving an established reef

    I currently have a Red Sea P650 that I would like to set up as a divider between my lounge and dining room. I have held back with setting up this tank as I plan changing the tiles in the house. It doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen anytime soon so if I do set up the P650 now, will it be easy...
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    [SOLD] AI Prime HD

    AI Prime HD led with flexi arm mount R4000
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    T5 / LED face off
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    [wtd] Ecotech radion xr15w

    Hi reefers, looking for an ecotech radion xr15w gen 3 or 4.
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    [wtd] Ecotech radion xr15 diffuser

    Hi, looking for an ecotech radion xr15 diffuser
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    Ecotech radion xr15w pro in rsm250

    Hi, I currently have 2 ecotech radion xr15w pro lights and was thinking of fitting them into the hood of my RSM250. Would this provide adequate coverage and par levels for an sps dominated reef or should I just stick to the stock T5 lighting
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    [FS] Ghl profilux 3EX

    Complete profilux system R10 000: Profilux 3EX Temperature probe Conductivity probe Ph probe Redox probe Level sensor Measurement cell 2 x quad dosers 2 x powerbars
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    [FS] Vortech MP40 WES dry side R1700

    Vortech MP40 Wes dry side with controller and power supply. Pump is a little noisy when run at full speed, so will include a new set of bearings.
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    [FS] Tunze nanostream 6040

    Item name AND Location. Tunze nanostream 6040 Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price 1500 Full description. Tunze nanostream 6040. Collection can be in dbn over the weekends or jhb over the weekdays Photos of actual Items for sale.
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    [wtd] Tunze 1 and tunze 2 cable for profilux

    hi, looking for a tunze 1 and tunze 2 cable as well as the yl2 cable, to connect tunze pumps to profilux.
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    [wtd] GHL standalone doser

    hi reefers, I’m looking for a GHL stand-alone Doser
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    [wtd] Vortech mp40 dry side

    hi, looking for a vortech mp40 dry side.
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    [wtd] Pin spacer for vortech mp40es

    hi, I’m looking for a pin spacer for the vortech mp40es.
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    [wtd] Rsm250 skimmer impeller

    hi, looking for an RSM250 skimmer impeller.
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    [FS] KUSA registered rottweilers

    Pedigree KUSA registered Rottweiler puppies for sale R7500
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    Placing ads

    hi, how do I place an ad?
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    My first reef aquarium RSM 250

    Hello all, I am totally new to reef aquariums and recently bought a 2nd hand rsm 250. Thought I should start this thread as I go through my reefing journey.
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