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    [FS] AI Prime HD

    Cool. I work in the south. So if deal fails let me know. Can collect early morning lol. R4k.
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    [FS] AI Prime HD

    I Can take it for advertised price of R4000. Can arrange collection tomorrow depending on where in the cape you are. Even R4000 is a steal since they retail for 5k with the mount.
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    Hi guys. Mark here from Pretoria

    And here is my old setup which i moved as a full setup. Its an old pic, it looks quite bad right now as I have been neglecting it.
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    Hi guys. Mark here from Pretoria

    White blends in with my wallpaper
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    Hi guys. Mark here from Pretoria

    Thanks guys! Check out my Red Sea 170!
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    Orange Storm Clownfish

    Ive heard they for about R10k for a pair:m87:
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    [SOLD] *R700* Small Yellow Tang (Jhb South)

    That's a steal of a price, Live aquatics has one for 1200. Saw it today. If I was after a small one would have taken it in a heartbeat. BTW thanks for the video of the fish. He seems to be a real piggy , and looks brilliant :drool5:
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    Brent's Cube

    Been in the hobby for some time now. But recently got a new tank so just discovering all the details again
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    Super ultra acan.

    These acans are something else. OMG:slayer:
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    Hattinkies 400l cube.

    Cool thanks for the info. I have also heard of that before. What flow do you have in the tank with the lion?
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    Hi guys. Mark here from Pretoria

    Thanks so much @SFlow
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    Inferno Anemones

    I love these nennies Riaan. They look really healthy. Do you have any more pics of them?
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    Pacific Sun Sentry ATU

    These look way more modern and sleak in comparison to my innovative marine nano atu
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    Bubble tip anemone

    Ive also noticed that when i feed my nennie, They do swell up quite a bit. Probably to hold the piece of food within their body.
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    OW10 Retails for 1150. Bought it from live aquatics. Or are you looking for a used one?
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    Wanted Clown fish - Durban

    Clown fish are quite common bud. Did you hear of @Aquaria-SA . They probably have some for you
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    Brent's Cube

    Really nice tank bud! Im going mad seeing all the awesome tanks on this forum
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    Denver's 800L acrylic Peninsula

    This is going to be one epic build!
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    Hattinkies 400l cube.

    Really cute lion fish. Im thinking of getting one for my red sea 170?