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  1. Acid

    [FS] 4 x Zetlight ZG5200 (SPS) - Howick

    I dibs these but have no reply or contact with splatacat. Waiting on him to reply here
  2. Acid

    [wtd] culerpa or any plants for sump

    I have. Pm me
  3. Acid

    [wtd] aragonite

    I have. Pm me.
  4. Acid

    [FS] 4 x Zetlight ZG5200 (SPS) - Howick

    Dibs on these if still available and Les hasn’t taken them.
  5. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    Sold. Mods please close. Thanks
  6. Acid

    [wtd] Ati 80w x 6 fixture

    Howzit guys. Thanks Aquetas. I will check in my storage for the fixture. Everything deurmekaar now that I’m moving back to my place
  7. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    Done ✅ thanks Altaaf. Pm sent
  8. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    Cool no problem. Understand. @marine101, let me know if u keen on this
  9. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    Hey guys, shipping from postnet to postnet costs around R200 with bubble wrapping. Let me know if anyone is keen. Thanks
  10. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    This is perfect for 900mm tank. As u can see from the pic, half the tank is lit perfectly on a 1,8m tank. So ya. Will have a shipping price soon.
  11. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    I’m actually selling this one as I needed a 2nd one but decided to use another one that I had which covered the full length of the tank. But a brilliant light as you would already know.
  12. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    I shall find out tmrw or Friday and revert back to u. Is that ok with you? I have found the remote btw. Will pm u details
  13. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight 6600

    Item name AND Location. Zetlight 6600 Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R4000 Full description. Zetlight 6600 used for couple months. Still in box and excellent condition. Comes with the standing kit brackets. Have to look for the remote, I have it somewhere in...
  14. Acid

    [SOLD] Zetlight ZS7000 x 2 Cape Town

    Hi there. Did this get sold? If not, 2nd dibs on it. Pm sent
  15. Acid

    [wtd] Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster HY-3000s Pinwheel Impeller

    Ah ok. Thought they were the same as I have a spare hy5000 one which I kept to use as a backup
  16. Acid

    [wtd] Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster HY-3000s Pinwheel Impeller

    Does the Hy5000 use the same impeller?
  17. Acid

    [wtd] Bubble Magus SP2000 or similar

    Leslie has a sp2000 as well if you don’t come right with The other stuff
  18. Acid

    [wtd] Vertex Pump Housing/volutes

    Hmmm, I know how u feel. I have a vertex alpha 200 royal exclusive and couldn’t find this very same piece until I was cleaning up a box and there it was. Happiest day of my life!
  19. Acid

    [SOLD] 100w heatsinks with fans and 120 degree lenses - jhb

    Hi Hotdog, These are for DIY led builds rights? Have u an example of how they look on a unit?