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  1. leslie hempel

    [wtd] Led for nano

    So many options available, good problem to have! All depends on your budget, but we stick a number of top class led units.
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    JNS Aquaria Spares thread

    Morning Guys In the interest of assisting everyone who have in the past bought JNS products and are needing spares please feel free to pop a post on here and i will try assist with follow up, Please do also drop me a mail to preferrably not via whatsapp as i battle to...
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    Hey all

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    Stores who retail our brands

    We would like to welcome Urban Marines onboard and have added them to our origional post here. @flappy
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    Im new here

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    The JNS Skimmer clan

    Hi @Radies i have mailed the supplier as i have had a number of parts quieries from the past shipments brought in, because of this we are trying to expidite our parts order to the second main order to try make the items cost effective for the recipients. i should have feedback monday. if you...
  9. leslie hempel

    ORPHEK OR LED light bars!

    We still have stock of these light bars available please consult your local stores for pricing, new pricing was sent out on the retailers WhatsApp group this morning.
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    A new friend is coming - Meet the Great White Protein Skimmer!

    Great white protein skimmers are now in stock GW5 R5992.00 GW10 R6265.00 They come standard with quality Italian EDEN pumps! Interesting bubble plate design which differs from normal skimmers and extreemly quiet! moreso than some other brands currently on the market! Reefbuilders Article
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    Illumagic X Series LED

    Illumagic Blaze Mini and X60 in stock (limited stock available), more on the way! Insane colour pop, simple to controll and stylish in appearance. Blaze mini R7900 Blaze x60 R11989,60 each come with a hanging kit standard , mounting arm and acrylic brackets sold seperatley! Completley wifi...
  14. leslie hempel

    [FS] Cascade canister and auto doser for sale

    any leaks on the cascade? if not would you accept R500 and shipping at my cost?
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    [FS] Brand new tank

    dont sell it set it up!!!!!!!
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    LED light bars!

    Apologies for the late reply, thank you for your interest, here are some stats: unit size wattage lense angle 55cm 54w 120 degree widespread 85cm 81w 120 degree widespread 1150cm 105w 120 degree widespread lenses can be customised to...
  17. leslie hempel

    LED light bars!

    We have stock in transit and I am hoping all will glide through the customs process and be here in the next 7 days, thank you for your enquiry. I am pretty excited to check the controllable versions out myself
  18. leslie hempel

    Illumagic X Series LED

    Blaze x series doing its thing!
  19. leslie hempel

    Aqamai by Hydor (WIFI LED and wavemakers)

    Our KPS and KPM pumps have been so well recieved and we are running low on stock fast! another order is placed an in production Please do contact me for your nearest retailer in your area to obtain these pumps We are currently running a special which includes shipping to your door via...