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  1. brentch

    My first Salty!! 60cm Cube

    looking great! Sorry about the fish though!
  2. brentch

    Brent's Cube

  3. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    It's been a while haha Diatom blooming wildly right now! But it should subside. Got a few zoas and acans in the tank. Will clean and take some closeups this weekend. NOT ENJOYING THIS "UGLY PHASE" with the diatoms....
  4. brentch

    [FS] Coral to swap, Durban

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to SWAP some frags and colonies of acans and zoas etc., for different flavoured acans, zoas or Euphyllia etc. Some have been with me for 6 months, and some are original colonies from my first tank way back in 2014. A couple have recently been fragged or split when...
  5. brentch

    [FS] Aussie White/teal tips wall hammer with teal centers swop for colorful Acans or Blastos

    I have a big Acanthastrea echinata (Dark brown walls and bright blue centres), about 10 to 12 cm long and abouot 8cm wide, or multicoloured Acanthastrea amakusensis if you are keen to swap. I also have some other frags too. pm me if you're interested.
  6. brentch

    [FS] Marine hardware - Durban

    Hey Ian, would you be willing to let go of the RO unit for R600?
  7. brentch

    Advice - RO Unit

    Ya that's just fine! Check out Puritech, thewaterboy, etc. I think they are all fairly similar...
  8. brentch

    Advice - RO Unit

    The smaller units are fine, 50 gallon per day, or 150-200 litres. You prob want something with 4 or five stages. Coarse filter, fine filter, actvated carbon, membrane, and deionising resin.
  9. brentch

    Constant algae problems.

    Your Phosphates may be undetectable because you havw so much algae taking up PO4 quickly from the water as it appears. Are you running phosphate remover and/or activated carbon?
  10. brentch

    ATM agent green

    It's lanthanum chloride. Potent stuff like the guys said above. Start slow. It's recommended that you drip it into a 10um sock to catch the flocked out PO4, but I've seen guys run it into their skimmer too, or just into the first compartment in the sump. I've read online of guys losing fish...
  11. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I've noticed the finer powder-like aragonite has been moved slowly out of the skimmer thanks to the wavemaker keeping it in suspension for the skimmer to get it. I've added two Ocelaris and some Zoas, green montipora, an acro, Acanthastrea spp., Micromussa...
  12. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    Almost 100% clean now. Just a bit bleak at how dusty the red sea sand is... I'll have to slowly remove the fine dust with my sand cleaner over the next few weeks. As soon as I stick my hand in the tank, it just goes murky again. Never had this problem with my previous tank. Oh Well, nothing I...
  13. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    Progress... Added a small flat rock to the bottom right of the tank...
  14. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    Question!!!??? Should I add more sand? Or take some out? I feel it's just about right, but it's nice to get opinions.... So let me know what you think...
  15. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    The big reveal... 9pm 06:00 07:00 I'll update the progress today... Since the tank has been running for a few weeks already, I'm sure I'll be able to add fish and corals soon. Things are getting exciting!
  16. brentch

    My first new custom build tank Journey

    Awesome, great work!
  17. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    FYI, this was when my lights were about to shut off running all of the channels at most 15%. But it still give me a good idea of how the light spreads in the tank
  18. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    And yes, I will be cleaning up the external wiring this weekend:m06:
  19. brentch

    Brent's Cube

    Soooo.... Some real progress..... Rock and sand are in! Finally! I added the rockwork I made a few weeks ago, and added 2L of my Red sea Fiji pink aragonite. I'm not too bleak about the water becoming dirty, and one benefit is that I can visually see the light attenuation from the surface...
  20. brentch

    [FS] Nano for sale Cape Town

    Hey Dane, what wave makers do you have?