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  1. Anees

    [FS] Boyu TL 550 marine

  2. Anees

    [wtd] Canister filter

    Hi guys looking for a big canister filter to run on a quarantine tank Cape Town thanks
  3. Anees

    [wtd] aragonite

    Hi guys I’m looking for about 10-20kgs of aragonite so if you have then let me know and price thanks
  4. Anees

    [wtd] Boyu 550

    Hi guys I’m looking for a boyu 550 complete setup running preferably, so if any one has a system you can either pm or reply on the thread thanks
  5. Anees

    [wtd] Digital timers

    Hi guys any one have digital timers for sale?
  6. Anees

    [wtd] Eheim 150w heater

    Pm sent
  7. Anees

    [wtd] Eheim 150w heater

    I’m looking for a 150w heater eheim if you have or know where I can get then let me know thanks
  8. Anees

    [FS] Light Units for sale

    I’m interested in the t5 unit
  9. Anees

    [wtd] jebao uplift pump

    hi guys im in search of a jebao uplift pump so if you have one or know where i can get one then let me know thanks
  10. Anees

    [FS] UV Algae X unit with extras - CPT

    is the items still available?
  11. Anees

    [FS] Odyssey T5 Quad 80w Benoni

    I'm actually coming to Benoni not sure on when exactly but maybe we can then work something out
  12. Anees

    [FS] Odyssey T5 Quad 80w Benoni

    Would you be willing to ship on my expense?
  13. Anees

    [wtd] 25ltr water drums

    Trevorde I actually have 2 150ltr drums but collecting water with it isn't practical especially when your driving a yaris lol
  14. Anees

    [wtd] 25ltr water drums

    I saw that but I'm down in cape town
  15. Anees

    [wtd] 25ltr water drums

    I've actually tried them but there is a shortage at the moment every one is buying them
  16. Anees

    [wtd] 25ltr water drums

    Hi guys I'm looking for 25ltr water drums for my water changes so if you maybe have that you would be willing to sell or know where I can get then give me a shout then we can take it from there thanks
  17. Anees

    [wtd] Canister filter

    Hi guys I'm looking for a canister filter pushing maybe 2000ltrs upwards so if you have one that you looking to sell please leave the make and price thanks
  18. Anees

    [SOLD] Display Tank 2900x1000x1000 & stand

    Dibs sand and 2jager heaters
  19. Anees

    [SOLD] Large Starfire tank (1700x930x800) with stand and sump

    Can you pm me your number please I have a friend interested in the tank thanks