For sale Corals for sale

LPS, and SPS stock
R350.00 R350.00 to R2,850.00


Hi All,

ive got some beautiful pieces of coral available.
different variety (LPS,SPS and Softies).

Please DM me on 0615478126

1)Ricordea Mushroom - R350
2) OctoSpawn green - R650
3) OctoSpawn orange - R650
4) Long tentacle plate bright green - R 825
5)Long tentacle plate pink tips - R1950
6)Yuma Mushrooms R400 a leaf
7) Galaxea - R950
8) Bubble coral - R850
9)Goni Green (XL) - R1650
10)Symphllia Red R2000
11)Acan Rock R1600
12)Inferno Anemone R1950
13)Micromussa - R2650
14)Branding orange frogspawn - R650 single head and R950 2 heads.
15) Branching hammer - R350(single head) R500 two heads
16) 24K torch R2850 a head
17)Acro frag 1- R550
18)Acro frag 2 - R850
19)Acro colony - R1500

Ricordea mushroom.jpg Orange Octospawn.jpg Bubble coral.jpg Acro Frag 3.jpg Acro Frag 2.jpg Acro Colony.jpg Goni Green (XL).jpg Acan Rock.jpg Indophyllia(XL).jpg Octospawn.jpg Symphllia.jpg Mushroom Yumma.jpg Galaxea.jpg Long tentacle plate(L).jpg long tentacle plate(s).jpg micromussa.jpg Inferno Anemone.jpg 24K torch.jpg Orange branching octospawn.jpg Green with purple tip hammers.jpg

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