Straton Pro 204 – 204 LEDs, 290W Brand New in Box Exceptional Coverage & PAR Multiple Units Available


ATI Straton Pro 204 White

As a specialist in seawater lighting for more than 20 years now, we know exactly what corals need for light. The new Straton pro is the logical further development of the successful Straton.

The aim of the Straton pro is to achieve the highest possible efficiency with maximum functionality and the best possible design.

Features of the Straton Pro:

No more use of plastics in the housing
Full aluminum body for maximum heat dissipation
Ultra-thin construction with just 11.6mm
Controlled light control through individual reflectors for each LED leads to the avoidance of glare and an additional increase in efficiency
Integrated current measurement allows high control of the actual consumption
Specifications of the PAR values in the software allow conclusions to be drawn about the PAR values in the aquarium
Due to the large number of LEDs in different spectral colors, almost any spectrum can be generated
Highest light outputs of 1700 – 1800 par in 20cm below the Straton pro possible.
Higher light output with blue-heavy radiation thanks to improved control logic
Visible squiggle effect again through the use of reflectors arranged over a large area

Technical details:

Straton per 204

Basic dimensions: 61x47x1.16cm

Illumination SPS = 90x70cm, LPS= 100x80cm

Max. power consumption: 290 VA

204 LEDs

4 sections

Extraordinary performance​

The ATI Straton Pro combines exceptional functionality and maximum efficiency. The updated design builds on the success of the original ATI Straton and produces 30% more output than before.
The updated control interface is more intuitive and simplifies programming so that you can easily create a fully-customizable light schedule, achieve almost any color spectrum, and easily share programs with other Straton Pro fixtures.

The built-in proprietary diffuser blends the individual LED lights, virtually eliminating color separation. The large output area blankets the entire tank with a consistent, uniform output. The light produced mimics the time tested, proven results of our T5 lighting – producing fewer shadows and hot spots when compared to other LED lighting.

Collection at TOA Cape Town or Courier at buyers expense
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