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    [wtd] Metal Halides

    Oh eh eh eh eh, @louisva sparked something?
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    [FS] 200 Micron Filter Sock Bags 4"x15"

    Shaweeet. Hope i get 1 for free :tt2:
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    [SOLD] Tank, Cabinet & Sump Vanderbijlpark

    As far as i know the sale was concluded yesterday. Sorry my guy. Contact him, maybe we ill build you one. :m04:
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    Baz Design 1.5m Reef

    Ne tomdat j jo emotion kan contriol, beteken ni ek moet ook ni :tt2::tt2::m23::m23:
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    Baz Design 1.5m Reef

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    [wtd] Open Brain Coral

    Lekker Baber. Hahahah Kwai man. Hy het mos n paar grotes
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    [wtd] Open Brain Coral

    Speak to @ScubaLover22 he has a few for sale.
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    Vleis's Solo Pico “Master Creation”. AKA Best Reefer in the world.

    Sup Guys. I feel the tank is doing a bit better with me giving it a bit more attention i guess... Im doing a strict 1L wc everyday & 10-15L WC every 2nd week. Started dosing my AF Amino mix & Vitality again. 1 drop every 5 days..... Slowly coming back to me. Nee addition is a Bali slimer with...
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    [FS] Jellyfish Tank

    Bit more INFO on this?
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    2una's Rsm 650 mixed reef

    Oh shooooot man, NOOOOO.... Hope it bounces back my dude.....
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    Baz Design 1.5m Reef

    BELAGLIK SEXY.. BTW you need this
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    [wtd] Starting

    Joh been running for 6months is a bit excessive. @Viper200 Speak to @Hails shehas alot of frags...
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    Baz Design 1.5m Reef

    Cant wait for it to start