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    My aquria 1.5mt tank

    @Etesh is this tank still running?
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    Advanced Topic Water stability

    Looking at the pic I can only see a handful of small corals that will consume CA, what was your consumption previously and what is it lately? Are your test kits still in date?
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    Back in the game

    I think he's too busy fishing. :p
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    Guys, less snide comments and more great info please. Don't ruin a great thread. Some comments have been deleted.
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    I've had a look and there seems to be an issue with that one, you can scroll further down to find a link for downloadable spreadsheet one or click here to go to the original calculator -
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    That is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, not sure if it'll work on mobile versions.
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    Starting up

    Good luck :) Post pics along the way.
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    Advise please

    Picture one looks like a type of tubeworm, picture two I'm not sure, possibly a type of beadlet anemone?
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    My 29 gallon now

    Hi, is there a coral inside the pineapple ornament?
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    Purple Milk Sebae Anemone Splitting

    I don't think I've ever heard or seen of anyone cutting a Sebae as they're considered one of the more difficult anemones. I've successfully cut a few bubbletips, but they are a lot more forgiving when being propagated. If you're struggling to come by any info then I think it is safe to assume...
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    Nano magnet cleaner

    I have both and they both work well, the Tunze seems to be better at scraping off very hard algae on the glass, however it doesn't float like the Flipper one does.
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    Comp: Sponsors Competition

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    Comp: Sponsors Competition

    A competition for sponsors to win, here's how it works.... All current sponsors are eligible to enter. Sponsors must create 'useful threads' within their sponsor forum, starting from today 24 April 2019. 'Useful" threads' are threads advertising/showcasing your business, livestock, products...
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    Tank Dimensions / Measurements.

    Have a look at our calculators page as well - There's a glass thickness calculator at the bottom of the page which should help.