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    :lol::lol::lol: You tell 'em Paul :m14:
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    Algae id needed please

    It's either hair algae or bryopsis but the pictures are too blurry to be able to identify properly.
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    Tang stopped eating! !

    Are you testing for Nitrate and Nitrite or just assuming they are ok? Are you trying only Nori or different types of foods?
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    Bubble Magus Curve 9 fizzing

    Can't see the video, it says it's private.
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    Looks fine :thumbup:
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    Baz Design 1.5m Reef

    Stunning build. You're going to be bored once you're finished. :p
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    Some pics of my pride & joy

    Very nice. Have you got two different types of lighting on the tank?
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    Urgent help needed Is my new nenie ok

    It's completely bleached, if you have a mature tank and strong lighting it may survive, but will take a couple of months to regain all of it's zooxanthellae. If you have any pumps in the display tank then make sure they are covered with foam as the anemone may start walking around the tank and...
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    Urgent help needed Dying fish in qt

    Is that a typo? Because hyposalinity is generally around the 1.008 to 1.010 mark, not 1.090
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    New marine tank

    Nice start, good luck with the tank. :thumbup:
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    Installing ATO

    As there's no real strength required you could use a small blob of silicone to hold this in place, or a better option would be a couple of magnets, or even a cheap magnetic glass cleaner, that way you could move it up or down if need be. You'll more than likely have to DIY something, but...
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    Yeah you'll probably be wanting to think about replacing that soon. What is the TDS of your normal tap water, from the kitchen sink for example? Ah ok, that makes sense. It sounds like the unit may be configured incorrectly, can you give us more details on how it is set up? I'm not familiar...
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    If the TDS at your tap is 6 then you don't need an RO unit, lol. I suspect your meter may be faulty. How old is your membrane?
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    Mushrooms going bad

    Any LPS corals nearby that could be stinging them?
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    How do you access MASA?

    Yes but polls don't work on Tapatalk.