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  • Good morning Squire. How are you doing in that Cold Country. We are freezing our butts off here. The guys are not used to this "boertjie" wearing long pants and jacket :lol:

    You been quiet lately???
    Hiya Viper, I am visiting in the Uk for a while and was wondering if you knew of any aquarium shops in the Surrey area worth visiting. Thanks
    Hi Viper my sister has fogotten here pasgsword and cant log on and here e mail has changed any idea how she can get log on.
    Hi Viper

    I dont know how or why but when I registered I put my username as johanboshoff.
    Are you right person to ask or could you maybe direct me to the right person please.
    Would it be alot of trouble to ask you to change it to Bossi?



    Johan Boshoff
    2 very basic sumps, DT overflows into 1st sump which contains a small amount of live rock, mangroves and the skimmer, this then overflows into the 2nd sump which has the heaters/reactors/pumps. No DSB or substrate in either of the sumps, no partitions, just 2 boxes basically.
    Not sure if this is the spot, or I should post on your tank thread ?

    You say you have two sumps, please give me more info
    Board looking very different and i do like the look of it, well done. Just one thing could we please get Google Analytics back as well as SA top sites, i really dont think they put strain on the server. Thanks boet. (bet you haven't heard that for a while)
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