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  • Hi are you from pe ?
    please add me on bbm 21a31b47 or add me on whatsapp 0790984453 and send me a message with your name. If your interested in swopping fish or corals or even to sell them please let me know
    thanks from Sachin
    Thanks .I will move it asap.Yes there is some dirt underneath it, i installed the live rock on some egg crates
    Please assist me with my sump setup.
    first chamber is my inlet as well as my skimmer (800 l).middle section i have a couple of live rock and last chamber pump with heater
    everyone talks about the dsb >is my setup wrong
    (Both my tanks is about 350 l in total

    Hey uncle... You got an email addy for me? Wanna send you some k@k thats too long for a pm...
    Hi there Viper, I have seen a hundred times you giving people instructions on how to upload pic to use in the for sale forum, but I simply cannot find that now.... please help how do I upload images? Cheers Greg
    Hi Viper, after i was worn i stick to my own post. I do understand Engels well. Yes i did a few mistakes, yes i did said to him i am sorry, what i don't anderstand i said sorry to him after you spoke to me, and not a word again. One tell me to do this and if i do, am in trouble. I went for 2 lessons for my Engels to explain to me what i doing wrong. I speak isizulu, afrikaans and engels and french whent school in Pari ( Paris ). I stick to engels. (Mean it in a nice way ).

    Kind Regards,

    Hi Viper,

    It is time for me leave, would you be so kind and close my post, dont know how. I send a message to the one posting his avantar all over my threads. I also ask RiaanP for help. I dont want to every time i open this webpage and feel intimidated. I acept i whas slap over the fingers and move on, but one person dont feel the same way. I printed all 1-9 and the links in it and scan everry morning everry thing on my threads. I will mis my friends but life goes on. All i did was to protec the person on witch a can of wurms have been open and reply all. I woudint apply if others started with saying anny thing about me. They started first and i reply back. All on black and white put seems nobody like the truth. I do.

    Elize ceronio.
    Hi Viper

    I uploaded some images of my new tank i built. please have a look at it and advise on best filtration and setup cs i got no idea wat to do next

    ok so if someone dibbsed a for sale item but doesnt respond for the payment and pickup,WHAT THEN. what can be done to inforce this
    how do i upload pictures in the for sale forum,every time i upload it says the picture is to big but i made it as small as the computer allows
    Hi there viper

    Was just wondering what happened to my thread? was it deleted?

    Many thanks
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