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  • Hi Viper can you please help me to chance my name please im not a newbie and would like to chance it.
    Hi @viper357 i need help please. im trying to sell my 250liter tank but cnt post any threads. can u assist as this is an urgent sale.
    Good morning @viper357, would it be possible to change my user name from Grr to garrethm,

    Thanks Garreth

    Ps will this affect my login?
    hi nipper, there seem to be a problem with my adds. I can see the pics but the public cant. please assist, I resized it to 800 x 600 and are smaller the the max size.

    Hi Viper357

    One of the members said I can ask you,

    When posting a message how do I make the username of the member clickable in the post?
    example reply..

    @ Viper357
    He please help I get this message when I try add pics from my album to a new thread vBulletin Message

    Unable to add cookies, header already sent. File: /home/marineaq/public_html/photo_popup.php Line: 541
    Thank you for registering me as a member.
    Sup viper i posted a thread about a lion fish for free ,ive given it away but cant find the thread to close it please help me .shoto
    Hi Dean,
    I'm having hassles that the threads I am starting in For Sale Forums are not appearing in the posts column?
    So I don't know if I'm getting any replies?
    hi viper,i got my tank over a year ago,i saw one at a clients house,got my own idea and bult one myself,its running ok,i have never done a test on it!I want to upgrade to dsb sump,can i send u pics of what its now,then you advise me a bit?
    Hi Viper

    I am want to sell my Aqua Medic T1000 skimmers but need some help.
    Requirements = 30days + Member and at least 20 posts

    Cant seem to load anything

    Please help
    Hi are you from pe ?
    please add me on bbm 21a31b47 or add me on whatsapp 0790984453 and send me a message with your name. If your interested in swopping fish or corals or even to sell them please let me know
    thanks from Sachin
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