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25 Jun 2014
5 Jan 2010
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25 Jun 2014
    1. vin
      Hi Tony hope you well and alls good. Ryan here.
      Just curious If you perhaps still have the elkhorn coral for me? I was actually in the area the weekend but could not get through to u unfortunately :(
      if u do have the coral would it be possible to pick it up tomorrow afternoon(Friday) at about 1pm? Thats if u are home and free at the time otherwise i can always pick it up when im visiting my sister again :-)
      Thx again Tony. I appreciate it. Could u perhaps msg me your address again? Forgot the road :)
      thx and have a great day
    2. Electrician24
      Price on 1st pic ?
    3. Tony Ingram
      Tony Ingram
      Hey hey i am well just been taking it very easy keeping it low. you must see my tank o my hat send me a email address and i will send you some pics. how you been keeping? i might be upgrading my skimmer so i might have one you can borrow if you want.
      I still dont know how to put pics up on massa it sucks i wanna do a beginning till this point thing with pic's.
      Any how chat soon lata
    4. Dane
      Hey bud you still alive? missed a great reefmeet this weekend,
      See ya
    5. Tony Ingram
      Tony Ingram
      At this point I do not but i found a place in table view that has really cool stuff for very cheep he brings the stuff in and sells it to the public
    6. Dane
      Hey bro, do you know anyone that is breeding clownfish?
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