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    My coral farm from the beginning

    This I was typing to fast I meant wow Calvin
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    My coral farm from the beginning

    Wow kevin when u selling frags I will definately support
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    The new guys

    Good choice I love the perc too
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    Picasso Clown fish - Are they available in SA?

    Stunning fish I would have loved some, if they were available in sa for a good price
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    Huge Swim in Tank

    Crazy!!!! I think I have another goal in life now :whistling:
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    UPS for small setup

    So what happens the power goes out does the ups store power?
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    UPS for small setup

    These UPS devices Do they require alot of setup?
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    Bretts tank

    Very Very nice and neat. I really admire this tank. The aquascaping for such depth looks great too
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    It's me!

    very neat below your tank martin. Very nice
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    My First LPS

    congrats warr nice specimen
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    Great Link

    Wow thanks great link...
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    Oceanarium/ Public Aquarium

    YEah cmon show us dem pix:P
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    Want Chaeto?

    Yes thanks Jacques and Rob I got some yesterday. I posted it on the other Cheato thread
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    Thanks Rob, JacquesB for the cheato. I went to aqua concepts yesterday and I still managed to get some cheato. Appreciate it