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  • Hi Tekkengal, yip everything okay thanks. Had a couple of last minute priority shifts so I decided to delay this hobby for the time being. Will look at starting up closer to the end of the year.. On the bright side I already have my RO machine ready and waiting :). Thanks for asking though. At least I have a full year for research
    That's Terrible..!!! So sorry to hear especially since they require care and dedication..:-( ..you need one that is "dimmable"..where you can adjust the intensity of the output..there is alot out there, but just to big...I'll have a look at the last one we discussed, I'm sure that was "dimmable"?
    No I didn't..that Unit was perfect, but I read somewhere on one of the Other Forums that when you use the/a Timer ..you have to manually do "something" again...hee hee sorry I can't remember...blush...I just remember saying to myself..."well that's no bloody good.." LOL
    Hi Tekkengal. Will do. Rearranging today. Water change and glass cleaning tomorrow with pics to follow. Found a big red spiny brittle star in my back area. Will post pics as well. Do you know if they are safe? I know green death is not but finding it hard to get information about the rest.
    just logged on to check u ok.....read up on nano threads and sponsors pages to see who is close to u area wise cos we gonna need a pet shop close by and all masa sponsors are cool and not full of themselves....gonna play x box now happy reefing
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